10 Key Secrets To A Happy Married Life according to Astrology

Marriage is like another birth of an individual. Two people possessing diverse values vow to stay together for life. However, this comes along with a lot of other aspects. Understanding and bonding between the two take time to establish. There are moments of love, but clashes as well. There are ups but downs too. So, how to tackle them all? 

Thus, when fear takes over, the general tendency is to seek different solutions, including astrological ones. That is when Pt. Pawan Kaushik, comes in. Due to his expertise and more than 25 years of experience, he is the best astrologer in Gurugram. For him, astrology has a much more expansive meaning; it is a super science that explores the significance and meaning of human life.

In the real world marriage is a string of unremitting adjustments. We would like to believe that love, commitments and little sweet romantic compromises will let us smoothly sail through our married life, but that’s not it. 

Love and Astrology

According to astrology, five planets i.e., Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu in addition to the twelfth lord of a horoscope; when it afflicts the marriage-related house, spells disaster in married life.

To rise above these afflictions, we need to view things from a fresh perspective. Planet Venus is the prime indicator of physical relations and marriage, and afflictions to Venus cause mayhem in married life. The main planets associated with physical relations in a horoscope are:

  • Venus
  • Mars 
  • Moon 
  • Saturn 
  • Rahu
  • Mercury

10 Key Secrets for a Happy Married Life

Whether you have been married for years or just tied the knot, here are 10 key secrets you need to know for a happy married life that will help you live happily ever after!

  • Remember that marriage is a commitment to walk together

Marriage is an institution of patience, sacrifice, caring for each other, and sharing. Our ancient people spoke about saptapadi– the seven vows of marriage one takes in life. The hallmarks of a happy marriage are a sense of commitment, cooperation, compassion, caring, and less ego. If you hold each other’s necks, it will feel like bondage. If you walk together, shoulder-to-shoulder with each other, it will serve as a support. 

So be a support to each other, be a companion and move forward.

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  • Be available for each other instead of demanding

In a marriage, you should consider the other person as your own part – like your arm, or leg. It’s two bodies, one mind, one soul. So, whatever your spouse desires, you make it your own desire. Your spouse’s taste, consider it as your own taste. The conflict arises when your tastes start moving apart.

It is important to remember that:

  • When we approach the relationship with ‘What can you do for me?’ then both partners become unhappy. 
  • In a happy marriage, each couple resolves “I’m here for you, come what may, happy times or unhappy times! In either case, ‘I’m with you.’
  • Time Spent Together is Precious

To get through the hectic schedule at work and the endless household chores, the time that we should spend with our partners often gets compromised. Remember, the tips for a good married life suggest it is important for couples to spend time with each other as it helps in making their bond stronger. Hence, take out time every day to engage in any activity that you both are comfortable doing such as going on a walk, playing a sport, learning any activity, or just talking while relaxing with each other.

  • Think before you speak

There is a proverb which says, ‘It is only through words that conflicts begin. It is only through words that people have fun. It is only through words that people gain wealth. So, words should be used sparingly.’ Usually, when people have some misunderstanding, they say, ‘Let us talk it out.’ This does not work at all. Just move on. Don’t sit and discuss or ask for any explanation about the past. When a mistake happens, it happens, and that’s it. Move on.

The progressive generation is showing less endurance towards patience. They lack ‘Seek First to Understand and then to be Understood’ and react to the situation in a way that spoils the matters. This impacts marriages, too, as at times, couples fail to understand what their partner is willing to say and react in a way not required. Therefore, listening and understanding your partner is another secret to a happy married life.

  • Be your authentic self

Be natural and be simple. Relationships develop naturally. If you try to build a relationship, that is when you become a little artificial. Then your behaviour becomes artificial, which is not natural. 

See what you like, that is what others like as well. You like everyone to be honest, open, natural and unassuming with you. That is exactly what others also want from you. Don’t try hard to impress. Then everything goes bad. The best is to be yourself, to be natural, to be forgiving and to be in the present moment. It makes a big difference.

  • As a couple, have a higher goal for the welfare of the community.

When the husband and wife are simply focused on each other all the time, they quickly enter into fights. After the initial phase of marriage, where everything is magical, faults start surfacing all too soon. Lines moving towards each other only move apart after the point of intersection.

Again, when the husband and wife are not focused on each other and their goals in life are different, they stop seeing eye-to-eye with each other and communication as well as trust breaks down. Further, when the goals are only to satisfy personal desires, there is not much fulfilment or merit that is gained.

It is only when both are moving together, with their focus on a higher goal for the society, for the world, that values are upheld in the relationship and beauty, love and faith are nourished. Parallel lines move together until infinity.

  • A Relationship Secret for Women

The most important thing to a man is that he feels loved, respected, and appreciated at home. This means working to remember all the goodness in him and amplifying it. Positive reinforcement will not only make him feel secure and supported but will encourage him to continue to improve.

  • A Relationship Secret for Men

The most important thing for a woman is that she feels heard, understood, and respected. This means listening to her with empathy, patience, and support. Emotions are very powerful and you can easily get caught up in them.

  • Be ‘Available’, Not ‘Demanding’

It is rightly referred to that married couples are ‘two bodies, one soul’. Couples should consider themselves an indispensable part of each other, just like their body parts. Hence, for everything that your partner desires, you should make it your own. Marriage is not about what a partner can do for the other. But, it is about being there for each other, come what may. Success or failure, happiness or sadness, the secret of happy married life is that a couple should consume each aspect of their lives. 

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  •  Win Each Other

It is said that couples who trust more, need to explain less and vice versa. Initially, when you get married, you will have problems adjusting and understanding each other. One of the successful married life tips is ensuring you talk about each of the issues and make your partner understand your perspective towards it. When you share even the smallest details with your partner, it allows you both to know each other’s perspective well and makes your bond stronger day by day.

Astrological Remedies for a Happy Married Life 

Here are some Astrological Remedies for a happily ever after :

  • Keep the shade of the sleeping room either light pink or light green. Never put a dark colour in the room. Never utilise yellow or comparable tones in the room.
  • On Friday, a couple must shop for flowers together. In this shopping, purchase just roses or white flowers and put those blossoms at the side of the bed.
  • Head toward the east or south course while sleeping, put a big picture of water flowing towards your feet and try not to place symbols or pictures of divine beings and goddesses in the sleeping room.
  • Offer white sweets to the Goddess on Friday, after which take that sweet as a Prasad, don’t consume sour things on this day.
  • Whenever any food comes into the house, first offer it at the feet of God. Indeed, even doing this, wedded life stays cheerful.


Hope the above-mentioned tips for a happy married life help you with the desired outcomes. If you still want solutions to any of your marital life problems and want to talk to an astrologer, Pt. Pawan Kaushik is the best astrologer in Gurgaon among many Bollywood celebrities and industrialists. With more than 10,000 happy clients Pt. Pawan Kaushik is the best astrologer and a popular Vastu consultant in India with more than 25 years of experience. To Book your appointment, call on +91 9990176000.