Best AI-Powered Website to Check IRCTC PNR Status Online

Indian Railways is a vast travel network. Millions of people travel by it and book tickets for travelling. These Indian rail tickets contain a 10-digit number, exclusive for each passenger or a group of a maximum of 6 passengers (if the ticket is booked together). This 10-digit number is known as the PNR number. You can check the PNR number online through your mobile phone, tab, or desktop to verify personal details like age, name, sex, journey details such as berth type, seat number, class of travel, boarding-deboarding date, and time, and even transaction details. 

You may also need to do a PNR enquiry to know your ticket status, including confirmation, RAC, and waiting list status. There are multiple apps and methods to know the ticket status. Nevertheless, RailMitra is one of the best ways to get IRCTC PNR status online. 

Why is RailMitra the Best AI-Enabled Website to Check PNR?

RailMitra is a rail inquiry website and app enabled with artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows travellers to receive various rail information and services online. 

The AI-based website offers:

  • An easy-to-use interface.
  • Organised tools for different purposes in a single place.
  • Accurate rail information.

It is renowned among travellers to check PNR status and receive accurate PNR prediction if the ticket is waitlisted or RAC. 

RailMitra provides 99% accurate PNR prediction. It shows the chances of ticket confirmation in percentage and depicts it with some colour codes like green and red. The website uses smart technology to fetch various information from the extensive database of the Indian Rail network to forecast the accurate chances of ticket confirmation.  

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Some Major Factors Artificial Intelligence of RailMitra Considers to Do PNR Prediction 

1. Types of Waiting List Ticket Status – When you check your PNR number, you may see some suffixes before WL( code for Waiting Listed tickets). They depict the types of your waiting list ticket status. These waiting list types impact the ticket confirmation chances greatly. Some of these waiting list ticket types have high confirmation probability, and some have low. These WL statuses are: 

  • GNWL – General Waiting List – Tickets with GNWL have high confirmation possibilities. 
  • TQWL – Tatkal Quota Waiting List – High ticket confirmation chance but less than GNWL. 
  • RLWL – Remote Location Waiting List – Low confirmation chances. 
  • PQWL- Pooled Quota Waiting List – This waiting list also has low confirmation chances.   
  • RLGN- Remote Location General Waiting List – Similar to RLWL, low ticket confirmation chances. 
  • RQWL- Request Quota Waiting List – Little or No chance of confirmation.
  • RSWL- Roadside Station Waiting List – Very few ticket confirmation chances. 

RailMitra collects information related to your waiting list type, classifies it into different categories, and analyses it with other parameters to show the PNR prediction. 

2. Quota You Used While Booking Your Train Ticket – Your used quota for ticket booking impacts your confirmation chances. RailMitra includes this parameter for predicting your ticket confirmation chances. Tickets booked in premium tatkal, tatkal, ladies, cancer patients, or staff quota have high confirmation possibilities. 

3. Time of Ticket Booking – If you booked your train ticket 3-4 months before the journey date. There are high chances of confirmability. However, if you booked your ticket during some events, wedding seasons, or high rush times like festivals – for West Bengal during Dussehra, Maharashtra during Ganesh Puja, Bihar during Chhath, and Southern states during Onam. At these times, there are very few chances of ticket confirmability. RailMitra considers these factors to estimate ticket conformability.  

4. Location of Your Boarding and Deboarding Station – There are high chances of ticket confirmability. When the ticket is booked from the train origin station to the terminating station, though, there are comparatively low confirmation chances if a ticket is booked between two important stations of the route or from the trains origin station to one or two stations before the terminating station or after one or two stations of the train origin station to terminating station. 

5. Past Data of Indian Railways – RailMitra navigates huge databases of the Indian Railways network, past ticket booking records, cancellations, extra coaches that get added to the train to provide more seats, different unused quotas, and many small and big details to predict the ticket confirmation chances. 

Besides these parameters, RailMitra also evaluates how many tickets have been cancelled on the train, how much a certain train route stays busy, the frequency of trains in a particular route, train types such as fastest, luxurious, or general, and your booked ticket class like AC, Sleeper, General coach, etc., for predicting the train ticket confirmation chances. 

RailMitra artificial intelligence and machine learning collect this rail information, analyse it, and yield accurate PNR predictions that you can trust. Check for alternative plans if the site shows low ticket confirmation chances. 

How to Check PNR Status through RailMitra? 

You can check the PNR status of your ticket through the RailMitra website or app. To do so, you can follow these few steps:

  • Download the RailMitra app from the play store/app market or visit its official website
  • Choose the “Check PNR Status” option from the menu bar or the app’s dashboard. 
  • Find the 10-digit PNR number in your ticket. It will be on the upper left corner of the i-ticket and the upper middle of the e-ticket. You can also find your PNR number in the ticket booking SMS you received on your registered IRCTC mobile number. 
  • Enter the 10-digit PNR number in the box to know your ticket status. 
  • Click on the “Check PNR Status” button. 

The web app will fetch all the details of your ticket PNR number, and its interface will show the accurate details of your PNR status online. 

RailMitra PNR Check and Other Rail Services  

RailMitra is an all-in-one app and website that provides several other services apart from PNR enquiry to ease the journey experience. It allows the railway passengers to check train schedule, live train running status, seat availability, ticket fares, station details, live arrival and departure of the train, train between two stations, etc. RailMitra also aids the passenger in getting restaurant-style food on the train and delights the journey experience. 

Besides taking RailMitra services, you can also order food on train from RailRestro, a dedicated app for Khushiyon Ki Delivery. RailRestro is the e-catering app and website that caters to numerous food options from veg, nonveg, Jain, regional, Indo-Chinese, and Indo-French cuisines on the train.

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