Car Shipping: Does Insurance Play a Role & How to Get It

People decide to ship their cars for numerous different reasons. Some are moving to a different place and they want to take their vehicles with them. Others do this because they have, for example, bought a car in a different state and they now need it transported to their location. The same goes for when you’re selling.

Whatever your specific reasons, you are right to choose shipping over driving. It is much easier and it is, of course, much safer. Speaking of safety, insurance for transporting cars can be important there. You’ve heard about it already, but chances are you’re not sure whether insurance actually plays a significant role in your car shipping process or not.

Apart from that, you are also not sure how to get a great policy, if you decide to get one. You understand that you need to be well covered and that you want to be compensated for transportation damage if it occurs. But still, if you’ve never done this before, you could be quite confused about how to actually get the perfect policy, which is completely normal.

So, those are the two questions bothering you. Does insurance play a role in the car shipping process, and how can you get a good policy? Those are also the two questions I’ll answer for you below, shedding light on everything you need to know when wondering about how to safely transport your automobile and how to keep your wallet safe in the process as well.

Does Insurance Play a Role in Your Car Shipping Process?

Let’s cut to the chase and give you a clear answer right away. Yes, insurance does play a role in your car shipping process. It plays the role of keeping your wallet safe, which is, as we have mentioned above, something you have on your mind and something you certainly don’t want to ignore. I’ll explain this in a bit more details.

If you’re in the process of hiring auto transport companies, this can help:

Not having insurance doesn’t mean trusting the professionals completely that no damage will be done in the transportation procedure. Trust has nothing to do with it, given that everyone will always try to be as safe as possible on the road, so there’s no doubt that the experts you will hire will be the same. Of course, it is true that you will feel safer when you hire a company that offers insurance, but there is a different reason for that.

In few words, not having insurance means assuming all the risks and agreeing to pay for any scratches, dents or any other damage that could happen while the auto is being moved on the transporter. Sometimes, the damage cannot be prevented, despite the best efforts of the professionals you are hiring. And, if you’re not properly covered, you won’t get to file any claims whatsoever or get compensated for something that can count as someone else’s responsibility. Without the insurance, it is your responsibility.

With a good policy, though, accountability is shifted towards the car transportation company you will hire. This further means that the risks are much lower for you, because they are the ones that will pay for the transportation damage should it occur. Paying a fee to get such security and such peace of mind is definitely a smart move, especially since the fee won’t be that high, provided that you get the right solution.

How to Get It?

That’s the thing, though. You don’t know how to get the right solution. As you may have guessed it, though, the quality of the policy will depend on the quality of the actual transportation company that you will choose, meaning you need to learn more about how to make that specific choice first. Remember, for starters, that some firms may not even offer insurance, and there is no doubt you should avoid working with them.

You should also avoid working with companies that are regarded as untrustworthy. After all, you will be giving them the keys to your vehicle, and you want to be able to trust them that they will transport it safely to the new destination. Not a wise move to work with ill-reputed firms.

Most of all, though, your task here will be to focus on checking the actual insurance policies offered by those different companies, as those are bound to differ from one provider to another. Checking what the policies cover will lead to determining what it is that you’ll be protected against, which will further help you understand the risks you are assuming and the risks you are transferring to the professionals you will hire. Taking time to compare the policies is crucial here, so do yourself a favor and never rush into making any choices before you have done the comparisons.