Giraffe Tools Best Electric Pressure Washer for Home Use

As a homeowner, I love tools that help me keep my home, porch, and driveway intact. I have to say that a pressure washer can definitely come in handy for a lot of DIY home projects. Jobs like cleaning concrete stairs and removing algae from bricks are 1,000 times easier with the help of a pressure washer. They can even be used to clean your car if you make sure you’re using the right low-pressure nozzles. Here I share about the brand new Grandfalls Pressure Washer from Giraffe Tools. This is a very unique design as it is a wall mounted pressure washer. This means it stores neatly, takes up no floor space, and is always handy and ready to use.

Giraffe Tool Review for Grandfalls Pressure Washers 

This Giraffe Tools Grandfalls pressure washer has some very unique features that set it apart from the competition. This is a great pressure washer, but it differs from more traditional pressure washers in that it is wall-mounted and has a retractable hose. These are all very nifty features, which I’ll detail below.

Wall-mounted pressure washer with telescoping hose

First, I’ll go over the pros and cons of this Grandfalls pressure washer. For me the main advantage is the wall mount, which is actually the main disadvantage. In other words, if you want to be able to keep things organized in your home and have easy access to your electric washing machine at all times, this is the best pressure washer for you. But that’s obviously not going to work if you want to take a portable unit with you to the job site.

Another plus is the 100-foot retractable built-in hose. I love how it pulls out easily and locks in place when you stop pulling. You can then pull hard on it to release it and retract it into its housing unit. It works a lot like a seat belt. It’s so effortless that you don’t have to spend time fighting with hoses or manually winding and unwinding. Plus, no worries about hose tangling or kinks.

More Features Of This Wall Mount Electric Pressure Washer

  • 2200 PSI maximum pressure
  • 120V~60Hz
  • 13.5amp(1800w) motor
  • 2.1GPM maximum flow
  • 100 ft hose length with housed hose reel
  • Electric motor with 6 ft cord length
  • Telescopic aluminum handle power washer sprayer trigger gun with built in storage for the
  • extra nozzles
  • Auto shut off of the pump when the trigger is not engaged, saving energy and extending the life of the pump
  • Wall Mounted (Wall Bracket, screws, and anchors provided. Unit is fully assembled and can just slide onto the bracket or off if needed.)
  • 4 different nozzles (40 white, 25 green, 15 orange, 0 red) these quick connect tips can be easily switched through the quick release and lock into place system
  • Soap Bottle with Foam Cannon soap nozzle (foams your soap for a great clean)
  • Built-in storage compartment on the power washer for storing the soap bottle 
  • Manual for operator safety instructions
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping (3-7 business days)

This Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer is a great helper for you to clean decks, patios, driveways, siding, stairs, and even your car. The beauty of a pressure washer is you can save time on grime. No more scrubbing. Just spray it clean!

Note: Before using a pressure washer, read the manufacturer’s safety instructions. Because the water comes out at very high pressure (especially the red and orange tips), it can actually damage soft surfaces like wood, siding, or your body if you’re not careful and follow safety guidelines.

Installing a Grandfalls Pressure Washer Is Easy

The Giraffe Pressure Washer comes fully assembled by itself, but you have to mount it to the garage wall. It’s as easy as attaching the wall mount bracket to the wall using the 4 screws and wall anchors provided. Then you just slide the wall mount onto the bracket.

That being said, I recommend a professional or someone very good at DIY projects. Use a stud finder tool to test the wires on the garage walls and find the best place to install them. Then just follow the instructions in the manual about what size drill to use so your anchor will fit nicely.

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What You Can Do With a Pressure Washer

Remove Stubborn Stains From Your Patio

Pressure washers are great for removing built-up dirt, oil and black grime from decks, driveways and/or patios. I tested it on my patio. First, I cleared out the space for the plant pots and all the furniture to give it a thorough clean. Then I simply turned on the power to the faucet and the wall-mounted frame. Using a high pressure hose, I pull the gun over the area. I used a 25° green nozzle for this job. I held the nozzle about 2 feet from the surface and sprayed the incoming water directly onto the surface. It immediately removes dirt, grime and any black growths that have built up on aggregate surfaces and brick walls. I use the general cleaning motion to clean and clear the walls. Quick and easy, and now my patio area looks fresher and more inviting.

Removing Green Growth on Brick Walls

Some brick walls have green algae, especially on the grout. It can be a real pain to try and scrub to get rid of this, but the Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer makes it a breeze. A few swipes of the airbrush did the trick, giving the bricks a new look! A 25° green nozzle can be used to get the job done.


Use the interchangeable tips to adjust the pressure for a wider coverage and softer spray. While you can use the 25 nozzle on tires and rims, don’t use it on your car’s paint job. Use the 40° white nozzle on the car itself, and keep it at least two feet from the surface when spraying.

The 40° white nozzle is powerful enough to help wash away all dirt and loosen all grime, bug guts and bird droppings. Then switch to the black nozzle soap head that attaches to the soap bottle. This works like a foam cannon and creates a wonderful spray of foam all over your car. Then turn off the pressure washer while giving it a quick wipe with a car wash mitt to help remove stubborn stains like bird droppings. Finally give it a final rinse with the white nozzle at 40°, making sure to rinse until you see all the air bubbles come off.

As Turtle Wax says, “Depending on how much you drive and the environmental conditions, experts recommend you wash your car or truck about once every two weeks. With that kind of frequency, you’ll want to make your job fast, effective and easy. One of the best ways to accomplish all three is to upgrade from a garden hose to a car pressure washer.”The Giraffe Tools pressure washer will make the job a lot easier.

Where to Buy a Wall Mounted Electric Pressure Washer

If you’re looking for the best wall-mounted power washer, this Giraffe Tools Grandfalls Pressure Washer might fit the bill.

You can learn more or order today at