How to Prepare for UCEED? Preparation tips and strategy for UCEED aspirants 


Reading in IITs is a vision for many to achieve. Some aspirants even drop out to read in the IIT colleges in India. IIT is a reputed government-regulated institute that offers several programs and courses for technical education. It caters to every technical knowledge demand to smart and scholar students. However, reading in IIT is not so easy. You have to pass through a monotonous entrance and clear it to achieve seats in IITs. Several IITs conduct joint entrance tests to select aspirants to read in IITs, but IIT Bombay conducts UCEED exams to filter applicants for UCEED courses.

UCEED is a prevalent design entrance test that shortlists several aspirants to continue their career in several design courses at IIT Bombay. Clearing UCEED will empower you to join B.Des. This exam also shortlists students and aspirants from various locations. It includes Guwahati, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Jabalpur. 

If you are aspiring for the UCEED exams, you need to prepare with the best efforts. It is because, in your UCEED exam, you have to compete with thousands of smart and capable aspirants. So, in the column, you will grab some preparation tips and strategies that will aid you in cracking UCEED exams.

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Preparation tips for UCEED exams in 2022

Knowing that you will compete against thousands of brilliant minds, you need to strengthen your efficiency and prep efforts. What you can do is comprehend the steps below:

Gain complete insight about exam pattern

It doesn’t matter for which exam you are preparing; knowing the pattern always remains your foremost duty. UCEED has a very simple and easy-to-understand exam pattern. It will help you learn how many questions you will face in every section. Then you can build around a strategy that will help you clear the UCEED exams effortlessly. The exam pattern of UCEED, if you don’t know, is as below:

The UCEED exam offers you questions in two broad sections and four sub-sections. In part A of the UCEED exams, you will get NAT, MSQ, and MCQ questions. The NAT subsection offers you 18, followed by the same number of questions in MSQ. In the MCQ subsection, then you get 32 questions.

Part B of the UCEED exam only includes one sub-section. It is the drawing section. The applicant will get one drawing question of 60 marks.

Marking scheme knowledge 

The subsequent trick that will help you is knowing about the marking scheme. The marking scheme always empowers you to know what section should focus more on. The marking scheme also makes you aware of the negative marking so that you can answer questions wisely. If you are preparing for UCEED, the marking scheme will help you strategize your revision and prep.

There are four sub-sections in the UCEED question paper. NAT section offers you four marks for each question, and there is no negative marking. But in MSQ, you will get four marks for each right answer and -0.19 for every wrong answer. You will also get four marks for every right answer and -0.71 for every wrong answer in the MCQ section. At last, in the drawing section, you can fetch 60 marks for precise drawing. Applicants who want to fetch more marks wisely must first focus on the drawing section.

Going through past question papers and mock test

The next thing that you need to ensure is preparing from the previous year’s question paper. In the previous year’s question paper, will you frame 50% of an idea of how your questions would be in the exam? In most question papers, applicants analyze the level of difficulty. They answer every section to find out which section takes more time. You can also follow the same strategy for time and mark management. You should also go through the mock test. Usually, mock tests come prepared by UCEED scholars who have cleared the exams. They design mock tests where you can find many anticipating questions.

Create a timetable/Schedule 

Reading all day continuously long is not how you should prepare. Excessive reading can also have an impact and result in memory crashing at the time of the exam. Despite reading also, you may not remember the answers. Thus, what you should do is create a timetable. A timetable will help you distribute your time and develop a collaborative reading. You should prepare yourself along with daily life activities to stay positive.


Winding up, these are the tips and strategies to prepare for UCEED exams UCEED exams aid you achieve a seat in IIT Bombay for B. Des courses. Thus, you must prepare with all your efforts to attain your objective.

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