Lucrativity of The Hand Sanitizer Business

Hand sanitizers are liquid antiseptic agents,which are most times made to come out in the form of gas,targeted to get rid of germs present in  certain areas of the body where the sanitizer is applied.

The use of hand sanitizer is recommended for use when soap and water are not available for hand washing or when repeated hand washing is not so good for the natural skin.

The urgent rise in demand for hand sanitizer dueto the current world pandemic is the main reason to consider Hand Sanitizer For Business.

Hand sanitizer for business is a very essential topic to be considered during this pandemic period because of the sudden rise in the demand for antiseptic agents or substances to use to get rid of germs,viruses and or bacterias in order to stay safe,prevent the contraction of the deadly coronavirus also known as COVID19 which is the abbreviation for CoronaVirus In December 2019.

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However,this urgent or sudden rise in the demand has brought about the urgent and sudden rise or even hike for the need and urgency to produce hand sanitizers and supply them.

Demand and supply works hand in hand.

However,demand and supply is the relationship between the quantity of a commodity that producers wish to sell at various prices and the quantity that consumers wish to buy.

This is the major mode of price determination in business sectors.

In other words,demand is the want of a buyer or the buyer’s ability to purchase and pay for a particular commodity at a specific price while supply is the quantity of a commodity made ready for the buyers by the manufacturers at a given price.

The active ingredients put into use while making hand sanitizers for business are grouped into two categories;

Alcohol Based 

Alcohol Free

The alcohol based hand sanitizers usually contain about 60-95% alcohol.

Which means they are made based  on alcoholic materias which usually come in the form of Ethanol or isopropanol.At these concentrations alcohol immediately denatures protein making the sanitizer effectively getting rid of microorganisms or germs.

Meanwhile the alcohol free hand sanitizer products are the ones free from alcohol such as Benzalkonium chloride (BAC) or based on other antimicrobial agents,such as triclosan.

Many hand sanitizers also obtain emollients (example is glycerin) which by the way is very suitable for our skins ,containing thickening agents and fragrances. 

In addition,hand sanitizers are made mostly in form of bottles which with oses passed from the cap down to the bottom of the bottle which acts as the passing agent which passes  the hand sanitizer out through the hose coming out at the lid or cover of the bottle when pressed by the user,this is a very familiar way of using the hand sanitizer because the process is just similar to that same process we go through while pressing out perfumes,body sprays,hair sprays,air freshener and so on.

While making hand sanitizer for business it’s important to know that the above method ofthe spray process is to be targeted to the individual users,while targeting industrial market,The best way of making best sales and making the most effective use of it by the number of people targeted at the industrial level is through using the hand sanitizer dispenser.

This is because of the  fact that there is a pandemic,caused by a very deadly and easily contracted virus(coronavirus) which can be contracted by touching one another or even by touching the hand sanitizer an infected person had touched already,that’s why it’s very important and only makes sense to get a hand sanitizer dispenser ,especially automatic dispensers which senses when a hand or palm is stretched out to it for sanitizer without even needing to touch it and it just goes ahead and dispenses an adequate amount of sanitizer enough to sanitize both palms at the same time.

However,it’s best to make the best calculation on how much is made in the production of one hand sanitizer and make the calculation how much would be enough for profit per one.

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