Many Uses of Tarps for Camping and Emergencies

Well, most of us enjoy outdoor activities such as camping. Still, before we go out camping, we always have to put in place some of the most important things that will aid our survival during camping. A tarp is one of the most important things you can always stay behind when camping. The type and color of the tarp you may go for solely depends on you; you may decide to go for a white tarp or any other color that you may find appealing.

To those who may be wondering what tarps are they probably haven’t participated in any camping activity or come across any camping site? Tarps have several uses and can be applied in a wide range of activities, for example, in the sailing canoe. Tarps exist in different colors, sizes, and shapes, although the most prevalent is the blue tarp. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best; it simply means that most people prefer that color.

The definition of a tarp is so simple; it is a sizeable waterproof cloth that is highly versatile because of its lightweight and flexibility. Here are some of the uses of tarps during camping and emergencies.

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Leaky Roofs

Natural calamities such as hail or storms can cause severe destruction to any roof. And if the bad weather has stopped, you can only sometimes have your roof fixed immediately. Covering the destroyed area with a tarp is the simplest and fastest way to fix your leaking roof temporarily. You will only need a few materials; you may need tools such as wood blocks, a drill, a hammer, and a measuring tape.

Cover for Firewood 

Camping is fun, but mishaps can sometimes happen; for example, you may find yourself, your family, or your friends stuck in heavy rains. You can always use a tarp to cover firewood or anything you need to keep dry. Not only during camps, you can always use tarps to keep your things dry, even at home.

Rainwater Pool

You can always have a lot of fun when having tarps. You can dig a hole and place a tarp inside. It is an efficient way of collecting water and saving it; even when there is a shortage, you can always have the option to turn to it. You use the water to water your flowers and even wash your driveway and cars. 

DIY Shed

You can always use tarps when organizing a backyard party; you need more space and time to build a woodshed. It is always easy and convenient to install. It simply requires about two people to set up. You can decorate your place by adding some nice and beautiful lights to make it pretty. You can always take it down quickly when no longer in need, unlike when you would have constructed a permanent shade.

Shelter for Livestock

Tarps make a reliable and sturdy shelter for your livestock. In the presence of a storm, you can set up a shelter temporarily for your livestock. Most animals can withstand severe weather conditions if they can survive the rains. Tarps are very simple to set up and move around. So in cases of flooding, you can move them in the quickest way possible and avoid the losses that would have happened.


You can also use tarps in hunting situations. When the animal seems too heavy to carry to your campsite or home, you can roll it onto your tarp and then drag it with lesser effort. You can also use it for dragging your harvest from your garden to the campsite or home.

Emergency Blanket

Have you ever been stuck in the forest? Anytime you plan to go hiking, you always ensure that you carry your tarp with you. Tarps make comfortable and warm blankets during emergencies. It can keep you dry in heavy rains and snow. The thick poly fiber traps the heat from your body, and this prevents you from developing hypothermia which may be a result of excess cold.

Survival Stretcher

You can convert a tarp into a survival stretcher with two long poles, parachute cords, or a robust and durable rope. You may use it to lift or carry an injured friend or family. You fold the tarp into two to give it more strength.

RV Cover

You can significantly benefit from tarps during extreme temperatures and camping in your RV, especially those made from waterproof polyethylene plastic. It is perfect protection from rain and flying debris and is straightforward to set up and move around.


You can always use a tarp to create privacy when you have to sort out some serious issues, for example, showering or bathing.

Fancy Shelters

There are several ways of pitching a tarp to develop a sleeping shelter. After learning some simple, reliable setups, it’s more interesting to set up and help to keep practicing more complex tarp origami. Be open-minded to any possibilities that artificial features and natural landscape features can provide. Be ready to reuse other kits as supports; this may help solve any inefficiency.

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Wet Weather Clothing 

Military styles such as poncho tarps and a few other lightweight backpacker designs have two-in-one functionality. By day or even when on the move, they are a perfect rain layer that can cover a backpack and your entire body. At night you can guy and peg them out to a shelter. In real situations, persistent rains and strong winds can cause a slight disturbance. With this hack, hikers can manage and maneuver almost all weather and terrain they are likely to encounter.

Sail on a Canoe

The following wind can be a free ride for kayak paddles and canoeing. A makeshift sail using a tarp can hugely leverage the advantage. An A-frame fixed together from two wood planks is the simplest way to make a mast.


We are aware of the importance of having a tarp. We will never know when we will need it the most, but in a real sense, we can always use tarps to solve many problems that we may never even expect. Tarps not only help during emergencies, but we can also use them for fun activities during camping; therefore, ensure that you acquire one today.