Necessity of Teaching About Deforestation in Schools

Schools are those temples where the students gain knowledge and information about several things which make them gentlemen of the future. Therefore, keeping this theory in concern students should be taught about all those things which need their contribution to sustain in this world so that students can get the sense of care in their surrounding atmosphere. School managements say that students should be taught about all those essential things going around them which put effect on their lives and are directly connected with human life. Those students who are taught overall everything small or big around them their knowledge becomes higher than that of those students who just study to get numbers or to get the position of topper in the class. School managements can opt for many new tools like attendance management system in order to solve issues of attendance of the students and attendance management system is proved to be the best also but still students can be lagged behind if they are not taught the essential and important things which surround them and are part of their daily life. Among which the environment is the most important one because when we stop taking care of our environment then destruction knocks the door and when nature reminds this responsibility to the human then it becomes chaos.

Deforestation is a major issue about which students must be taught in their schools and colleges. According to the school ERP when students are taught about deforestation then students come to know that how far humanity is about to pay back for the harm, they made to the forests just for the urbanization. Deforestation is the process of cutting down forests in large numbers. Tutors need to educate the students about this wrong process due to which our environment is getting harmed and the atmosphere is getting polluted too due to which several diseases are spreading. According to the school ERP this process has always been the most poisonous thing for the environment. Due to heavy cutting down of forests the whole ecosystem has been damaged and this needs to be taught to the young generation so that the coming generation can preserve the environment and can stop the process of deforestation. People are performing deforestation in order to extend the land area. This happens because being greedy people do not stop increasing their greed for land and for this, they are getting stubborn to do deforestation.

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Mainly in their daily education students must be taught that deforestation is harming the nature and balanced ecosystem in many ways like the foremost harm deforestation is making is soil erosion. Students firstly need to understand that deforestation has caused soil erosion in which the upper layer of the soil is eliminated completely and washed up in the floods and heavy rainfall. Students need to understand that the roots of trees hold the soil and therefore due to heavy rainfall or due to any other reason soil erosion never happens where there are trees and greenery. Due to soil erosion landslides also happen and create mass destruction of lives and materials. Along with this, students need to have knowledge about deforestation is one of the major reason global warmings because due to deforestation the temperature balance of the atmosphere is getting disturbed badly due to which temperature of the earth is increasing and directly proportional to the iceberg which are also getting melted faster and sea level is getting increased which can cause heavy floods and twisters. These all-important things are needed to be taught to the students in the schools. Due to a good number of forests the evaporation of water on land happens which results in rainfall but due to deforestation this cycle has been broken and that is why many areas of the country suffer from drought.

Students need to be taught about the harm deforestation is making to wildlife too. Due to deforestation animals are losing their natural habitat and due to this wild animals are entering the territory of human beings and clash of human and wildlife animals results in the loss of life on both sides. Many beautiful and amazing species of the animals are already and many are dying due to deforestation. Therefore, students should be taught to plant more and more trees and to create forests to give a new life to mother earth.

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