Signs of Disengagement of Your child at School and it’s Solution

School is that wonderland of the students and kids where they enjoy the best time of their life. As parents we all want our child to feel happy and safe at their school. Though we train and make our children take their school as their favourite place, some children could never cope up with the idea of liking the school. They feel uncomfortable in school, it is so because they struggle socially, emotionally and with their learning. This kind of struggle brings students to disengagement with school. Interference of tutors and parents can deal with this situation and change the perception of the child to positive engagement with school. Children are engaged at school when they enjoy their learning, have a positive relationship with their teachers and peer group and have a feeling of belongingness at their school. But everything becomes good all the time that happens in the movies only. School LMS focuses to maintain the interest level of the students in learning and in school. School LMS also takes the responsibility to look after any issue of the child with the learning program. That is why students who are engaged in online learning are supported with LMS portals. LMS portals make student’s online learning safe and easy. Engagement means attention, curiosity, interest, dedication, passion and optimism towards education and feeling of belongingness with the school environment. Engagement can be understood into three parts- behavioural, emotional and cognitive which includes participation of children in social and learning activities, response of children towards their tutors and peers and self-motivation of children in their own learning respectively.

Parents can find the signs of disengagement at school in the child when their child shows little interest in school and asks to leave the school during conversations, refuses to go to the school, earlier was good at learning but suddenly his/her learning process starts to degrade, not having positive interactions with peer group, child becomes introvert and socially violent and aggressive & the last sign which hurts parents is that the child stops sharing anything regarding school with parents. Among the possible reasons for this disengagement, the foremost one is stress at home, with friends or at school, feeling unsafe at school due to some bully, having some issue with learning, psychological issues while establishing positive relationships at school or syllabus can be very boring to the child. 

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If the initial education starts from home, then the solution to any issue related to learning can also start from home. Actually, problems start from home when parents start to disengage from their kid’s academic life and just focus on good marks. This makes kids stressed and feel alone and their issue of disengagement at school starts. Parents need to track the feelings and emotional well-being of their child at school. Parents should sit with their children after school and ask them lovingly about what happened at school? How was the day? How did he/she enjoy the school? etc. Now, after the role of parents’ tutors and school management needs to do some part in solutions to the issue too. Tutors can teach in little flexible ways to make students take interest in the learning. Curriculum plans should be designed according to the grasping power of the students. Activities related to different subjects should be included to the curriculum which can attract the interest of the students like outing, outdoor study, visit to the biological gardens etc. Particular interaction sessions should be kept with students where they are given fearless freedom to speak about their issues with learning and they should also be given a chance to give their suggestions to improve it. Students with special needs should be detected among students who have any disability with learning like dyslexia and they are not aware of and they should be provided with proper help from therapists they need. Tutors can engage parents also with them to solve this issue of students’ disengagement at school and with mutual cooperation this issue can be solved in a better way. But tutors along with parents need to understand that these are mere kids of tender age so this whole process can take time hence they need to have some patience. 

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