Standing Desk Vs Ergonomic Chair: Which Is Better For Your Employees?

So, you are at work and probably wondering which option is better; a standing desk or an ergonomic chair? The majority of office workers spend more than 80% of their time being seated at a desk. Historically, humans have never spent more time sitting than they do in recent times. Research has shown sitting for long hours causes body aches and pains that precede slow body damage and degeneration. Sitting for hours can cause muscular and skeletal damage, spinal disk issues, and blood circulation problems among other sedentary lifestyle illnesses like diabetes, insulin resistance etc. 

In recent times, many offices have noticed these drawbacks of sitting and have proposed the idea of standing desks to work. Standing makes us healthier by reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance and others. Hence, focusing on the right workplace ergonomics is supremely important. While ergonomic chairs provide comfort, improve posture, and reduce back pain, there are still drawbacks to using a chair on its own. Instead, utilizing a sit stand desk can help you to divide the amount of time you spend sitting and standing, saving your back and lower body from dangerous harmful side-effects. Let us quickly analyze the benefits of each of them and then compare the two to see which one is an optimal option.

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Pros Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

When comparing normal office chairs with their ergonomic counterparts the ergonomic ones definitely have an upper hand. Ergonomic chairs are designed to have a more comfortable shape and match your body’s requirements and shapes. They are designed to have an adjustable chair position, seat tilt, seat height, recline, head and neck support among other features. They also are made with materials which are soft and have more cushioning to add comfort to our bodies when sitting for long hours.

When adjusted properly, ergonomic chairs help to prevent damages that a normal chair would cause from sitting long hours. Many permanent body issues such as spine, lower back, upper back, neck, shoulders, hip and pelvis damage can be easily avoided by having an ergonomic office chair. Hence most modern offices these days have invested in ergonomic chairs to avoid costs on employee health issues and physiotherapy bills.

Pros Of Standing Desks

As we all know sitting is really injurious to health, keep aside sitting for long hours at a stretch. While shifting from ordinary office chairs to their ergonomic options can provide relief of some sort, in the end we are still sitting for long hours and this poses various health issues as already discussed. Hence, it’s better to leave the chair and work in a stand up position. Many studies have also shown employees being more active in their work while working in a standing position as they are overall more active and hence deliver timely and quality work. In addition to a boost in productivity, most standing desks are height adjustable and provide the option to sit and stand periodically as the person may want to, providing greater flexibility. Long term standing may also cause discomfort and one may want to sit down for a few minutes every now and then which in turn balances the needs of a person by giving him options of both sitting and standing at work.

Standing desks can come with the ability to make numerous other adjustments as well, besides allowing the option to sit or stand at will. Based on research we know that there are numerous benefits of standing desks. They prevent all the drawbacks that using a chair would have, which when used for long hours continuously pose serious health issues, as already discussed. Among other benefits, standing desks may also prevent weight gain, boost blood circulation and enhance productivity by keeping the body overall more active. While fancier models of standing desks can cost you an arm and leg, in general there are plenty of affordable standing desk converters which can be used to convert the normal desk into a standing adjustable desk

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So, which Is better?

Standing desks really steal the show when it comes to choosing which one is more ergonomic and better in terms of overall affordability and ease. They give us the option of an adjustable desk where we can swap between sitting and standing thus improving our overall productivity, health and wellness. They also help us in keeping obesity at bay by spending more time standing rather than sitting all day. Thus, modern workplaces see a shift towards a standing desk as it is a much wiser option and convenient too.