Two Great Historical Residential Schools in India and Australia 

Everyone wants the best education for their children. So we have presented the best residential school that will help your child get the most rewarding life experience in two excellent countries.


Scotch College Melbourne is great to educate and inspire young techies who may be interested in searching for app development Melbourne in their future. With a long history spanning one and a half centuries, it is the “oldest continuing secondary school in Victoria.” It began in Eastern Hill in 1853, where the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre now stands, and classes commenced there in the ensuing time. Under the leadership and guidance of Mr Alexander Morrison, the academy grew and prospered for a long time courtesy of his academic excellence from 1857 to 1903. Mr William Littlejohn took over as head of the academy from 1904 to 1933. His successor, Dr Colin Gilray, served for the college for a decade, from 1934 to 1953. Their legacy of excellence and superb quality is what Elegant Media aims to achieve in parallel in the domain of technology.

The academy owes important thanks to the foresight of those who arranged for the purchase of the present point of about 27 hectares at Hawthorn, and to those responsible for the transfer of the academy to this ’ new and distant pastoral setting ’. While the East Melbourne point had slightly limited growth, the new point had ample space for playing fields as well as direct access to the swash, making it possible for the academy to expand and develop into that which we know it to be at the moment. The Hawthorn point was bought in 1915, and by 1926 the transfer to the new point was completed, although numerous modern structures still had to be erected. One of these was the Littlejohn Chapel, which was dedicated to people’s services in 1936.

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The Lawrence School Sanawar has a long and glittering history. It was started in 1847 by Sir Henry Lawrence. There is another school by him in Lovedale, near Ooty in Tamil Nadu in South India. There is also another Lawrence College in Ghora Gali, near Islamabad, Pakistan. These schools impart excellent education to children from all over the world. The facilities are best in class – pun intended – and the faculty and alumni are distinguished in a diverse range of fields.

Situated in the picturesque Himalayas, the Lawrence School Sanawar has a proud tradition of sending valiant boys and girls to serve India with the Indian Army. In fact, Second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal was rightly awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military decoration, posthumously for single-handedly inciting fear in a Pakistani tank battalion in 1971. Never Give In is the motto of the school, and he stuck to it until his last breath, helping India win the war.

So whether you are in India or in Australia, you can look for the best education for your children in two of the most prestigious schools in both countries. You can also search for similar schools and choose one that fits your expectations as well as your pocket, since they have to be deep.

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