What are Meta Tags, and Why are They Important for Websites?

While browsing the web, you’ve likely come across sites with descriptions like SEO-friendly or SEO optimized. These terms refer to the website’s use of meta tags and hidden HTML attributes used by search engines to categorize and index webpages so they can appear on relevant searches. There are many different types of tags, but we’ll focus on four common ones today: title tags, meta descriptions, page descriptions, and keywords.

How Do They Work

This is a code placed within your web page code that helps search engines determine what your site is about. It can describe your site, include keywords, and help with SEO optimization. These tags vary depending on which search engine you use but are often called Meta Title, Meta Description, or OG (Open Graph).

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Tips For Creating Well-Formed Tags

This help your website rank in search results, but they’re not always easy to understand. But once you know what these tags do, you can use them to your advantage by creating well-formed tags that will enhance your SEO strategies with a few tips. 

1) Start with an OG tag. The Open Graph protocol is an OG tag. This tag lets people share your content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so it’s critical to include it if you want others to share your content easily. 

2) Use meta title tags wisely. The meta title is an essential OG tag because it provides users a preview of your content. Ensure you fill out all relevant fields when filling out your OG tags. 

3) Include OG image and video tags. If you have pictures and videos on your site, ensure they have OG images and OG video tags so people can see them when they click through from other websites or social media platforms. 

4) Keep it simple. Keep things straightforward; otherwise, readers may skip right over them without noticing them.

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