What Is Amazon Easy Store?

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In an era where online retailing has transformed the way we shop, Amazon stands as a global giant, continually expanding its reach and services. One of its initiatives, “Amazon Easy Store,” is designed to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping experiences. This blog will provide an overview of what Amazon Easy Store is, how it works, and its implications for both customers and entrepreneurs.

What Is Amazon Easy Store?

Amazon Easy Store is a program that allows entrepreneurs, shop owners, and retailers to partner with Amazon in India to become part of the company’s extensive delivery network. This collaboration is designed to bring the convenience and reliability of Amazon’s e-commerce platform to customers who prefer shopping in physical retail stores. Essentially, it transforms brick-and-mortar stores into Amazon Easy Stores, enabling them to provide a range of Amazon-related services.

How Does Amazon Easy Store Work?

  1. Partnership: Independent retailers and shop owners sign up to become Amazon Easy Store partners. They enter into a partnership with Amazon, allowing them to operate as official Amazon Easy Stores.
  2. In-Store Services: Amazon provides these stores with the necessary equipment and training to offer a variety of Amazon-related services. These services may include accepting Amazon Pay payments, assisting customers with Amazon orders, and facilitating returns or pickups of Amazon packages.
  3. Local Presence: Amazon Easy Stores serve as local Amazon hubs, providing a physical presence in neighborhoods or communities. Customers can visit these stores to access Amazon services, seek assistance, or pick up their Amazon orders.
  4. Amazon Pay Integration: As part of the Amazon Easy Store program, partners can integrate Amazon Pay into their existing payment systems, making it more convenient for customers to make digital payments.

Implications Of Amazon Easy Store

  1. Expanded Reach: Amazon Easy Store extends the reach of Amazon’s services to areas with limited online access, connecting more customers to the e-commerce giant.
  2. Hybrid Shopping Experience: This initiative offers a hybrid shopping experience, combining the convenience of e-commerce with the personal touch of in-store assistance.
  3. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Amazon Easy Store creates entrepreneurial opportunities for small business owners and retailers, helping them enhance their offerings and diversify their revenue streams.
  4. Digital Payment Adoption: By integrating Amazon Pay, the program encourages the adoption of digital payments and cashless transactions.
  5. Customer Convenience: Customers benefit from easy access to Amazon services, including order pickups, returns, and assistance, all within their local communities.


Amazon Easy Store represents Amazon’s commitment to making its services accessible to a broader segment of the Indian population, including those who prefer to shop in physical stores. By partnering with local entrepreneurs and shop owners, Amazon is expanding its reach, enhancing customer convenience, and supporting small businesses. This initiative not only fosters entrepreneurial growth but also provides customers with a more flexible and convenient shopping experience, bridging the gap between online and offline retail.


How Much Does Amazon Easy Store Cost?

The complete amazon easy store establishment cost of the venture is around 3 lakh.

When Was Amazon Easy Store Started?

Piloted back in 2015, the Amazon Easy Store has expanded across states and union territories in the country through two different formats. One of these is the Amazon Easy flagship store format where Amazon determines a customer’s entire store experience.

How Can I Get Amazon Store In India?

To sell on Amazon.in, you need to create a seller account. You will require GST or PAN details and an active bank account to register as a seller. Enter your business details, select shipment method and list your products to launch your store on Amazon.in.

How Do I Sell On Amazon Easy Store?

How Local Shops on Amazon works

  • Create an account for selling on Amazon.in.
  • Upload your product details and set price.
  • Choose the areas/region that you want to get orders from; where you can deliver the orders either same day, next day or maximum in 2 days.
  • Deliver orders to customers when you get orders from them.

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