What Is Bhadra Kaal?

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In the realm of Hindu astrology, there are various aspects that influence our lives, and one such fascinating phenomenon is Bhadra Kaal. Often regarded as an inauspicious time period, Bhadra Kaal holds immense significance in Hindu culture and is believed to impact various activities, ceremonies, and decisions. In this blog, we will delve into the meaning, beliefs, and significance associated with Bhadra Kaal, uncovering its mystical nature and the influence it has on our lives.

What Is Bhadra Kaal?

Bhadra Kaal refers to a specific period of time in the Hindu calendar when certain cosmic forces are considered unfavorable for initiating new endeavors or auspicious activities. This period is calculated based on the position of the planet Mercury (Budh) and is believed to bring about negative influences and obstacles.

Duration Of Bhadra Kaal:

The duration of Bhadra Kaal can vary depending on different regions, beliefs, and calendar systems. In general, Bhadra Kaal lasts for around 90 minutes to 2 hours and occurs during different times of the day, depending on the movement of Mercury. It is usually avoided for commencing important tasks or ceremonies to ensure a smooth and prosperous outcome.

Beliefs And Superstitions:

According to traditional Hindu beliefs, Bhadra Kaal is considered inauspicious due to its association with negative energies. It is believed that initiating new projects, signing contracts, starting a journey, or engaging in any significant activity during Bhadra Kaal may lead to delays, obstacles, and unfavorable outcomes.

Astrological Significance:

Astrologers and believers of Hindu astrology attach great significance to Bhadra Kaal. They interpret the position of Mercury during this period as unfavorable for making important decisions or undertaking new ventures. The movement and placement of celestial bodies are thought to influence various aspects of our lives, including personal and professional endeavors.

Activities To Avoid During Bhadra Kaal:

During Bhadra Kaal, people traditionally refrain from initiating or engaging in activities such as:

  1. Starting new business ventures or signing contracts.
  2. Organizing auspicious ceremonies like weddings, engagements, or housewarming ceremonies.
  3. Undertaking journeys or traveling long distances.
  4. Performing major surgeries or medical procedures.
  5. Commencing educational endeavors or enrolling in new courses.
  6. Beginning construction work or buying/selling property.

Mitigating The Effects Of Bhadra Kaal:

While Bhadra Kaal is believed to bring unfavorable results, certain practices can help mitigate its effects:

  1. Plan ahead: Consult a Hindu astrologer to determine the timing of Bhadra Kaal and schedule important activities accordingly.
  2. Seek blessings: Perform prayers, rituals, or seek blessings from deities to counteract any negative influence.
  3. Wait for an auspicious time: Postpone important events or activities until the Bhadra Kaal period has passed to ensure a more favorable outcome.
  4. Focus on spiritual pursuits: Utilize this period to engage in introspection, meditation, or spiritual practices that enhance positive energies.


Bhadra Kaal stands as a fascinating aspect of Hindu astrology, emphasizing the belief that celestial movements can influence our lives in various ways. While some consider it a superstition, others follow the practice of avoiding important activities during this period. Whether one chooses to adhere to the concept of Bhadra Kaal or not, it undeniably reflects the profound influence of astrology on the cultural fabric of Hindu society.


Is Bhadra Kaal Good Or Bad?

It is believed that the work done in auspicious time becomes successful. Bhadra period is considered inauspicious in Hinduism, that’s why special care should be taken while doing any important work during this time.

What Is Bhadra Period?

In India’s national civil calendar (Shaka calendar), Bhadra is the sixth month of the year, beginning on 23 August and ending on 22 September.

What Should Be Avoided In Bhadra?

Restrictions during Bhadra

According to Muhurat Chintamani and other scriptures, many activities are prohibited during Bhadra. These include Mundan ceremony, shifting to a new home, marriage ceremony, raksha bandhan (rakhi), an auspicious journey, starting with a new business etc.

What Is The Meaning Of Bhadra In Astrology?

The meaning of Bhadra is the welfare of society. But she is the sign of inauspicious time. All the works including auspicious works are prohibitated in this duration. According to Hindu astrology, Bhadra travels through different zodiac signs in every loks ( prithivi, mrityu).


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