What Is GSTR 2?

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In India, the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has revolutionized the indirect tax system, making it more streamlined and transparent. As part of this system, businesses are required to file various GST returns to ensure compliance with tax regulations. GSTR-2 is one such return that plays a crucial role in facilitating the input tax credit (ITC) mechanism. In this blog, we will explore the concept of GSTR-2, its significance, and how it contributes to simplifying the tax filing process for businesses.

What Is GSTR 2?

GSTR-2 is a monthly return that taxpayers registered under GST must file to provide details of their inward supplies or purchases during a specific tax period. The return is a comprehensive record of all goods and services received by the taxpayer from registered suppliers, including details such as invoice numbers, tax amounts, and supplier information.

Importance Of GSTR-2

GSTR-2 serves several important purposes in the GST system:

  1. Input Tax Credit (ITC) Claim: The information provided in GSTR-2 enables taxpayers to claim input tax credit for taxes paid on purchases. ITC is a mechanism that allows businesses to set off the GST paid on inputs against the GST liability on outputs (sales), reducing the overall tax burden.
  2. Verification and Reconciliation: GSTR-2 plays a vital role in reconciliation between the supplier’s GSTR-1 (outward supplies) and the recipient’s GSTR-2. This helps ensure that the information reported by both parties aligns and minimizes discrepancies.
  3. Compliance and Transparency: By filing GSTR-2, businesses comply with their GST obligations, ensuring transparency in the tax reporting system and facilitating better tax administration.

Contents Of GSTR-2

GSTR-2 contains the following information:

  1. Details of Inward Supplies: It includes the details of all purchases and inward supplies received during the tax period, categorized into different types like purchases from registered and unregistered suppliers, imports, etc.
  2. Invoices: The return requires taxpayers to provide invoice-wise details of each inward supply, including the supplier’s GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number), invoice number, date, and taxable value.
  3. Input Tax Credit (ITC) Reversal: If any ITC needs to be reversed due to non-payment of the supplier or other reasons, such adjustments are reported in GSTR-2.
  4. Amendments and Modifications: Any corrections or changes to previous GSTR-2 filings are made in the current return.

Filing And Due Dates

GSTR-2 is filed electronically on the GST portal by the 15th of the following month for which the return pertains. However, as per a government notification, GSTR-2 has been suspended since July 2017, and businesses are currently not required to file this return. Instead, they need to file GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, and GSTR-9/9C for their tax compliance.


GSTR-2, although suspended at present, remains an essential part of the GST framework, ensuring seamless reconciliation and facilitating the input tax credit mechanism for businesses. By providing detailed information on inward supplies, the return enables businesses to claim the rightful ITC, reducing their tax liability and promoting a more transparent and compliant tax environment. As GST continues to evolve, businesses must stay updated on the latest filing requirements and adhere to the guidelines set by the government to ensure smooth tax compliance and take advantage of the benefits offered by the GST system.


Who Has To File GSTR 2?

Every business in India registered under the Goods and Services Tax needs to file GSTR 2 monthly. It notes the purchases that an enterprise has made in a particular month.

What Is GSTR 1 And GSTR 2?

GSTR 1 is a monthly/quarterly return with. invoice-wise outward supply details. • GSTR 2A is an auto-populated return. generated in the recipient’s login, covering all the outward supplies (Form GSTR – 1) declared by his suppliers.

What Is GSTR 2 And GSTR-2b?

GSTR-2A is an auto-populated read-only document that provides a comprehensive view of purchases made. On the other hand, GSTR-2B is a summarized view of input tax credit available to taxpayers for a particular tax period, generated by the GST portal.

What Are The Contents Of GSTR2?

Contents of GSTR 2

Import of goods and services made. Debit notes and credit notes received by the registered person from suppliers in respect of above supplies. HSN wise summary of inward supplies. ISD credit received and Input Tax credit reversal/reclaim.

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