What Is Mate Receipt?

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In the realm of international trade, numerous documents and procedures play a vital role in ensuring smooth and secure transactions. One such document that holds significant importance is the Mate Receipt. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of a Mate Receipt, its purpose, and its significance in facilitating global trade operations.

What Is Mate Receipt?

A Mate Receipt, also known as a Tally Receipt or a Mate’s Receipt, is a document issued by the mate (a ship’s officer) or a representative of the carrier to acknowledge the receipt of goods or cargo on board a vessel. It serves as evidence that the goods have been received and loaded onto the ship, acting as a crucial link between the shipper, carrier, and consignee.

Purpose And Key Elements Of A Mate Receipt:

  1. Proof of Shipment: The primary purpose of a Mate Receipt is to provide proof that the goods have been loaded onto the vessel. It serves as a crucial document for the shipper, consignee, and other parties involved in the supply chain to verify the status of the shipment.
  2. Quantity Verification: The Mate Receipt includes detailed information about the quantity of goods received, typically expressed in terms of weight, volume, or container numbers. This allows the parties involved to reconcile the quantity of goods shipped with the corresponding documentation, such as the Bill of Lading or the Shipping Manifest.
  3. Cargo Condition: The Mate Receipt may also include a brief description of the condition of the cargo at the time of receipt. This information helps to ascertain if any damage or discrepancies occurred during loading, ensuring that appropriate actions can be taken if necessary.
  4. Identification Details: The Mate Receipt typically includes essential identification details such as the name and address of the shipper, the carrier, and the consignee. These details aid in accurate record-keeping and facilitate effective communication between the parties involved in the shipment.

Significance Of Mate Receipt In International Trade:

  1. Legal Protection: Mate Receipts are legally binding documents that provide evidence of the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier. They help to establish the responsibilities and obligations of the parties involved, offering legal protection and ensuring compliance with international trade regulations.
  2. Cargo Tracking and Accountability: Mate Receipts play a crucial role in cargo tracking and accountability. By documenting the receipt and loading of goods onto the vessel, they enable the parties involved to track the progress of the shipment and maintain transparency throughout the transportation process.
  3. Claims and Insurance: In cases where damage, loss, or discrepancies occur during the shipment, Mate Receipts serve as vital evidence for filing claims and insurance purposes. They provide a basis for initiating investigations, resolving disputes, and determining liability for any issues that may arise.


In the complex world of international trade, the Mate Receipt holds significant importance as a crucial document that verifies the receipt and loading of goods onto a vessel. Its role in providing proof of shipment, quantity verification, cargo condition, and identification details cannot be overstated. By facilitating transparency, accountability, and legal protection, Mate Receipts contribute to the smooth flow of global trade operations.

Whether you are a shipper, carrier, consignee, or any other party involved in international trade, understanding the purpose and significance of Mate Receipts is essential. By recognizing the value of this document and ensuring its accurate completion and preservation, you can navigate the intricacies of global commerce with confidence, fostering efficient and secure trade transactions.


What Is Mate Receipt In Banking?

A mate’s receipt is issued by the captain or commanding officer of a ship to an exporter. This receipt acts as evidence that the exporter’s cargo has been loaded on the ship.

What Is Mate Receipt Mcq?

Mate’s receipt is issued by the captain or chief officer of the ship. This receipt is an acknowledgment that goods are boarded on the ship and states the condition of the goods.

Who Prepares The Mates Receipt?

Mate’s receipt is issued by the commanding officer of the ship.

What Are The Types Of Mates Receipt?

Types of mate receipts

  1. Clean mate receipt.
  2. Qualified mate receipt.
  3. Clean bill of lading.
  4. Claused bill of lading.
  5. Received before the shipment bill of lading.
  6. Bearer bill of lading.
  7. Container bill of lading.
  8. Multi-modal Transport/Combined Transport bill of lading.


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