What Is The Work Of Tehsildar?

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What Is The Work Of Tehsildar?

In the diverse and multifaceted administrative landscape of India, the role of a Tehsildar stands out as a crucial link between the government and its citizens. A Tehsildar plays a pivotal role in revenue administration, land records management, and local governance. In this blog, we will explore the work of a Tehsildar, their responsibilities, and their significance in the Indian administrative system.

Who Is A Tehsildar?

A Tehsildar is a government official who serves at the tehsil or taluka level of administration in India. The tehsil or taluka is a subunit of a district and typically encompasses several villages or towns. Tehsildars are typically officers of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) or the State Civil Service and are responsible for the efficient functioning of revenue administration and local governance in their jurisdiction.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Tehsildar:

  1. Land Revenue Collection: One of the primary functions of a Tehsildar is the collection of land revenue and other government dues from landholders within the tehsil. They ensure that landowners pay their taxes in a timely manner.
  2. Land Records Maintenance: Tehsildars are responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date land records. This includes updating records after land transactions, resolving land-related disputes, and overseeing the computerization of land records.
  3. Land Ownership Transfer: When land transactions occur, such as sales or inheritances, the Tehsildar facilitates the transfer of land ownership and ensures that the records are appropriately updated.
  4. Agricultural Census: Tehsildars often play a role in conducting agricultural censuses and surveys to gather data on land use, crops, and agricultural practices in their jurisdiction.
  5. Disaster Management: In the event of natural disasters like floods or droughts, Tehsildars coordinate relief efforts and ensure that affected individuals receive the necessary support and assistance.
  6. Local Governance: Tehsildars serve as key officials in local governance structures. They work closely with the elected representatives of the tehsil, such as the Tehsil Panchayat or Taluka Development Committee, to implement developmental projects and programs.
  7. Law and Order: Tehsildars also assist law enforcement agencies in maintaining law and order within the tehsil. They may be involved in managing crowd control during public events or addressing civil disturbances.
  8. Revenue Court: In some states, Tehsildars also preside over revenue courts, where land-related disputes are resolved according to established laws and regulations.
  9. Election Duties: During elections, Tehsildars are responsible for various administrative tasks, such as voter registration, polling station setup, and ensuring a smooth electoral process.
  10. Public Outreach: Tehsildars often interact with the public, addressing their concerns and grievances, and providing information about government schemes and services.

Significance Of A Tehsildar:

The role of a Tehsildar is of great significance in India’s administrative setup because:

  1. Local Governance: They serve as a bridge between the government and local communities, ensuring that government policies and programs are effectively implemented at the grassroots level.
  2. Land Records Management: Accurate and updated land records are essential for property ownership and land-related transactions. Tehsildars play a crucial role in maintaining these records.
  3. Revenue Collection: The revenue collected by Tehsildars contributes to the government’s finances, which, in turn, fund various developmental projects and public services.
  4. Disaster Response: During emergencies and natural disasters, Tehsildars coordinate relief efforts, ensuring timely assistance to affected individuals.
  5. Law and Order: Their involvement in maintaining law and order ensures the safety and security of residents in their jurisdiction.


Tehsildars are unsung heroes in the Indian administrative system, diligently performing a wide range of responsibilities that impact the lives of millions. Their work in revenue administration, land records management, local governance, and disaster response is instrumental in maintaining the social, economic, and administrative fabric of India. These dedicated civil servants play a vital role in upholding the principles of justice, equity, and efficient governance at the grassroots level, making them an integral part of India’s administrative machinery.


What Is The Work Of Tehsildar For Class 6?

The Tehsildar is a land revenue officer at district level. He supervised the work of the Patwari and make sure that the land records are properly maintained and land revenue is collected.

What Are The Three Works Of A Tehsildar?

A Tehsildar has to hear the disputes. He also supervises the work of the Patwari and ensures that records are properly kept and land revenue is collected. They make sure that the farmers can easily obtain a copy of their record, students can obtain their caste certificates etc.

What Is Tehsildar Answer?

In India, a tehsildar is a tax officer accompanied by revenue inspectors. They are in charge of obtaining taxes from a tehsil with regard to land revenue(rent).

Is Tehsildar And Collector Same?

The Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar, are the Key officer in the revenue administration and exercise powers of the Assistant Collector 2nd grade. While deciding partition cases; the Tehsildar assumes the powers of Assistant Collector 1st grade.

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