What Kind of Jobs May You Obtain After Completing a Degree in Hotel Management?

Post-pandemic, the Indian hospitality industry is in the stage of recovery and the industry is focusing on growth. It is anticipated that in the year 2023 alone, the hotel industry will add 12,000 more hotel rooms. And in the coming 2-5 years, this sector will attract a 2.3 billion dollar investment. And this is making students from various disciplines choose hotel management as a career

If you are also a hotel management aspirant, you should not miss reading this blog as it includes a detailed list of job opportunities available for graduates from hotel management colleges in Bhopal.

Hotel Management Degree- Course Overview

Hotel management colleges in Bhopal such as MGU offer various undergraduate and Post-graduate programs in the field of hotel & hospitality management. This course has gained popularity due to the presence of enormous job opportunities & career growth prospects both in the national and international markets.

The colleges offer BBA, BSc, BHMCT, and MHM courses in this domain. However, in this blog, we’ll cover the job opportunities available for BBA in Hospitality Management & Hotel administration.

Let’s take a look at the course highlights of the BBA hospitality & hotel administration course-

Course NameBBA in Hospitality Management
Course LevelUndergraduate
Course Duration3 years
Minimum eligibility CriteriaApplicants need to clear the class 12th from any accredited board of education with a minimum score of 50%.
Average Course Fee1,00,000-4,00,000

Types of Jobs you can get after completing a hotel management degree

The hospitality & tourism industry in India contributes 7.5% of GDP. And as it’s a growing industry, it offers various job opportunities for graduates of hotel management colleges in Bhopal.

Below mentioned are some of the popular job profiles-

  1. Guest Relations
  • Sommelier– A sommelier is a skilled and knowledgeable wine expert who is often found in high-end /luxury restaurants and other sectors of the hospitality industry. They help restaurants to add the best wine collection in their establishment and also help customers to choose wine when they visit for dine-in.
  • Front Office Manager- Front office manager handles the check-in, and check-out process of guests, coordinates with the sales team and maintains a guest account at the hotel. After graduating from hotel management colleges in Bhopal, you can apply for this job position.
  • Head of Housekeeping- One of the key managerial positions, the head of housekeeping is responsible to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness at the hotel establishment. 
  1. Event Planning- 
  • Conference Organiser- These types of planners might be employed internally by a venue to set up seating, day-of schedules, and other things for a conference, trade exhibition, expo, or other events.
  • Event Planner- The task of organising and overseeing meetings and special events for people, businesses, non-profit organisations, or other groups falls under the purview of an event planner.
  1. Tourism Management
  • Travel Agent- Travel agents do the research and organise travel tours for couples, families, business groups, etc. They are either employed by tours & travel agencies or are self-employed.
  • Tour Guide- Tour guides plan itineraries for travellers on private or public tours. They often possess deep knowledge of specific locations including the history of the city, historical monuments, famous tourist attractions, etc.
  1. Food & Beverage Industry 
  • Sous Chef- Sous chef assists the head chef in managing the kitchen operations and meal preparations in the food & beverage industry. And if you want to become a sous chef after completing a hotel management course in Bhopal, you can look for employment options in restaurants, event centres, hotels, etc.
  • Restaurant Manager- They are in charge of ensuring the smooth functioning of the restaurant. They also maintain the restaurant’s earnings, profitability, customer service standards, and quality goals.
  • Catering manager- The group of cooks and caterers is led by a catering manager, who is also in charge of catering. During your BBA degree at hotel management colleges in Bhopal, you will learn the basics of catering and you can find this job positions in restaurants, airlines, clubs, hotels, etc.
  1. Entertainment & Leisure industry
  • Spa director- Spa directors in resorts/spa centres/luxury hotels manage appointments and scheduling and keep track of spa inventory. 
  • Theme Park Manager- These managers hold the responsibility to run theme park operations smoothly. They also oversee customer ticket bookings and plan & organise marketing initiatives to improve the profit of the organisation.
  1. Other Industries
  • EntrepreneurshipBest university in Madhya Pradesh such as MGU will make you capable with the requisite skills to start your catering/hotel/restaurant/resort/bakery business.
  • Government Job Opportunities- Army, Navy, Air Force, and several other government organisations employ BBA in hospitality management graduates in their organisation.

Why Mansarovar Global University is the best choice to study hotel management?

  • The International standard course curriculum at MGU will make you equipped to be innovative.
  • The college has collaborated with various hotels & companies in the hospitality industry to offer you internship & job Opportunities.
  • Selected students will be given study abroad opportunities for 15 days to understand the international work ethics & work culture of the hospitality industry.
  • The infrastructure of the University is well-designed with all the essential amenities to support quality education and a comfortable learning environment at the campus.

Summing up,

Indian hotel chains are expanding their business into different cities, and due to the government reforms for the tour & travel industry, international hotel chains are also entering the Indian Market. And by the end of 2029, the Indian tourism industry is expected to create 53 million more jobs. Hence, Students who are planning to join the top hotel management colleges in Bhopal have a bright future ahead.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why hotel management career can be a good career choice?

Hotel management is a great career choice as it offers enormous job & entrepreneurship opportunities with attractive pay packages, makes you a creative person, and gives you travel opportunities.

  1. Who are the top recruiting hotel chains in India?

Top recruiting hotel chains in India that offer job positions to graduates from top hotel management colleges in Bhopal are-

  • ITC Group of hotels
  • Sarovar Park Group of Hotels
  • Holiday Inn Group of Hotels
  • Oberoi Group of hotels
  • Welcome Heritage Group of Hotels
  1. What is the salary of BBA hospitality management graduates in India?

BBA hospitality management graduates receive approx 4-7 Lakhs per annum.

  1. What are the skills required to make a hotel management career?

List of crucial skills that will help you make a successful career in hotel management-

  • Operations skills
  • Multitasking
  • Ability to accept criticism
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Conflict-management skills
  • Team spirit
  • Emotional intelligence

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