Which country’s student visa is the most difficult to get?

Studying abroad is the dream of many. But it’s a huge decision to make. Deciding to go to a different country to study without your family is emotionally tough.  Though social media has made studying abroad seem like a cakewalk , there are a lot of factors you need to consider while making this decision. First, you need to choose the college where you can take up the course. Then, you need to plan your finances. Third, you must prepare for the entrance exams and work hard to ensure you get admission into your dream college. Other challenges include settling in a foreign country, getting a valuable scholarship, etc. 

However, the most concerning fact is getting approval for the student visa. Unless and until you have the visa, you won’t be able to travel. Especially in countries like  Saudi Arabia, the visa approval process is quite difficult. If any of the submitted documents do not meet the rules and regulations, you will be denied the visa. 

Out of so many countries in the world, universities of Saudi Arabia have been ranked best in the QS World University Rankings 2021, which makes it an emerging hub for higher education. This is why more and more students choose this country as their international education destination.  Let’s explore what makes Saudi Arabia best for higher education.

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Why is Saudi Arabia best for higher education?

Before we move forward with the visa rules and requirements, let’s examine why the country is preferred in the Middle East for higher education. This will help you understand why you shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity just because it is harder to get a student visa for this nation. 

  1. The education sector in Saudi Arabia is constantly growing each year. More than 25 universities in the country offer a huge range of courses for higher education, major, and research programs. These universities have been featured in several lists as top academic centers. Therefore, studying here sounds like a good deal  for someone who wants a good quality education.
  2. Another amazing reason to study in Saudi Arabia is that a student can easily manage their expenses in this country. They just have to apply for an international debit card. With this, managing the finances, putting a limit on expenses, tracking all the online transactions and card swipes, locating the ATMs, and so on can be done within minutes. Besides, the fund limit on the international debit card is enough for a student to deal with finances without any further hassle.
  3. It has a promising economy. With its strategic framework and high-tech industries, the country aims to be positioned as the global hub for big international investments. Such developments will make way for exciting opportunities for graduates in all the fields. 
  4. The country lies on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa which makes it the largest market in the middle east. This geographical advantage attracts a lot of international companies to set up their businesses there which leads to more employment opportunities.
  5. This country is welcoming and the locals are very generous. It is also considered a safe country that attracts visitors from across the globe. The country only lets you in if you have the digitally secured electronic visa. 
  6. Saudi Arabia has a diverse culture, inviting students and working professionals from all over the world. You can find some students belonging to the West while some to the East. Thanks to this huge international community, you will gain a lot of knowledge about other countries and their culture.
  7. While studying here, you won’t have to worry about overall academic expenses because most universities offer students with scholarships and funding programs. In addition, you can also get an international debit card with insurance coverage for managing your expenses and enjoying your life as a student.

What documents are required for a student visa application in Saudi Arabia?

You must know the basic requirements or the documents that must be submitted to ensure the visa application is approved and you are allowed to enter the country. All the rules are set and decided by the embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Following up on the requirements of student visa application for this Middle East country.

  1. You must submit the original passport, which should be valid for more than six months. Also, it should have two consecutive empty pages for visa entry.
  2. You can fill out the online application and choose the option for single entry since you will be applying for a student visa.
  3. You also need a referral note with details of the visa date and the unique number issued by the Saudi ministry of foreign affairs.
  4. Documents like birth certificates, high school diploma results, and so on will also be needed. Officers should authenticate every single copy at the Saudi Cultural Mission.
  5. The next requirement is to have a police report that should be issued six months prior to your visa application date. The report must contain every information about the criminal record of the student. You should also have copies of this police report, one in English and another in Arabic because both are the official languages used in this country.
  6. You must collect medical reports, laboratory results, and three passport-sized photos with a white background for the visa application. All medical reports should be issued within three months of the visa application date. 

How to apply for a student visa to study in Saudi Arabia?

As you now know which documents you are required to submit for receiving the visa and getting the allowance to study there, you must understand the process for visa application. You can apply for the visa in two ways – online and offline.

Application for a student visa through an online portal

  1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia.
  2. From there, you need to select the option for E-Services. 
  3. A list of services will be displayed on your screen. Click on the option for electronic visas.
  4. A new page will open with a list published for different travel visa purposes.
  5. Here, you need to select a study visa request and enter all other details asked for on the form.
  6. Submit the electronic form and wait to check the status of the request. It usually takes around three days for the status to change.

Application for student visa through the offline portal

You can also get a visa through the offline method. To do so, you can visit the Saudi Embassy in your country directly and submit your visa application. You need to answer a few questions the visa officer will ask you. You can also mail the application form with attested documents to the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What difficulties a student can face with the visa application in general?

Since you want to study in Saudi Arabia, it would be better to have a basic knowledge of the possible visa application rejection or dismissal scenarios. In this article, we have briefly stated the conditions under which your visa application as a student can get rejected.

  1. If you do not submit all the required documents as mentioned under the rules and regulations of the country, you won’t be granted a visa.
  2. The student visa applicant must clearly show the source of funds. Make sure that whoever is funding your education abroad needs to have clear financial records. 
  3. Poor communication and soft skills can also lead to visa denial. The applicant must submit the required documents of entrance exam results. 
  4. You must have a good academic track record to get your visa issued. 
  5. Sometimes, the requirements for visa application differ and are strict for certain other countries. If you hold the nationality of those countries, you have to be extra careful and mention all the details on the visa form. Failure to do so will lead to the rejection of the application.
  6. You won’t be granted a visa if you have a criminal record.


To study in Saudi Arabia, you must go through the rigorous visa application process. Ensure all the documents are submitted properly with appropriate stamps and signatures as described under the rules of this embassy. If you do not want to go through the online application process, you can visit the embassy and start the visa application process. However, you must remember that the procedures followed at the Saudi embassy can differ according to the country where you live.



Q1. How long does the student visa application take to get approved for Saudi Arabia?

A1. The time taken for the student visa application to get approved for any person who wants to go to Saudi Arabia for education depends on the submitted documents, details mentioned on the form, and several other internal affairs.

Q2. Is it important to mention the name of the university or college where the student wants to study in Saudi Arabia?

A2. In some countries, the student might be asked to mention the name of the college or university they have got a chance to study in Saudi Arabia while applying for a student visa.

Q3. Can a student get an international debit card while studying in Saudi Arabia?

A3. Yes,, you can get an international debit card cum forex card to manage expenses, track all the transactions and card swipes, and limit expenses. Several other tasks will become much easier for the student.