Which Demat Account is the best for NRIs?

One of the fastest-growing communities across the globe is the Indians working abroad who are termed NRIs or Non-Resident Indians. Nowadays these NRIs are more and more inclined toward investing in the Indian stock/equity markets via opening a simple and easy NRI Demat Account. To cater to this kind of enormous demand various stock brokers in India are now coming up with special plans for NRIs to open NRI Demat accounts through their various NRI Account Plans to allow the NRIs to Trade/Invest in –

  • IPOs
  • Equities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Derivatives
  • Bonds, etc.

In this article, we would figure out the best NRI account services for Equity Markets Investments.

Service Types of NRI Demat Account Brokers

Broadly the broking companies that offer NRI account services are categorized into two distinct categories –

  • Brokers Offering NRI Full-Service Demat Account

They provide a variety of services, including online equity trading, a key account manager that provides personalized service, insights and consulting, and distinct financial management solutions. Banking Brokerage services with banking licences offer services that are linked with customers’ NRE/NRO NRI Bank Accounts, Trading/Demat Accounts, PIS Accounts, for trading solutions.

  • Brokers Offering NRI Discount Brokerage Account Services

They provide restricted no-frills trading services, such as online Investment/Trading in Equity, Options, Futures, IPOs, Bonds, Mutual Funds, etc. In comparison to full-service broking firms, they charge modest brokerage fees and discounted offers to open an NRI Demat Account. Choice India is the leading NRI discount broker which is known for its discount-cost NRI Demat Account plans and advanced innovative Jiffy Trading App.

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Salient Features of Choice India NRI Demat Account

When you open an NRI Demat Account Online with Choice India, you get a plethora of discount services which includes –

  • 0 Account Opening Fees
  • 0 AMC for Initial Year
  • Minimum Brokerage Charges
  • Discount DP Charges
  • Free Research Advisory

The Advantages of a Non-Resident Indian Account Depository Account by Choice India

It is profitable to invest in the Indian stock markets when you are abroad, with Choice India’s specialized NRI Demat Account services. The following are some of the key advantages when you open a Demat account with Choice as an NRI:

  • Client-Specific Strategy

Choice India’s experts reckon that every NRI has a distinct financial objective. They collaborate closely with the NRI clients and offer them client-specific, tailored financial management services.

  • Financial Planning

Choice India Offers extensive experience in the financial planning of their NRI clients’ funds. Their financial plans are designed to help the NRI clients build and maintain healthy and profitable portfolios.

  • Investment Options in Diverse Disciplines

Choice India’s experts use their vast experience in a variety of financial fields and coordinate all of the aspects to preserve the NRI clients’ wealth while attempting to maximise profits.

  • Specialization in NRI Accounts

Choice India excels at managing NRI accounts’ portfolios. Because of their NRI client-centric approach, they have built a devoted NRI customer base throughout the years.

  • Comprehensive Strategy

For the NRI clients, Choice India takes a holistic approach with their comprehensive strategic model that encompasses the management of stock portfolios, monetary product curation, economic trend forecasting, and tax solutions.


While there are many brokers in the Indian markets who offer discount NRI Demat Account services, Choice India is the leading brokerage for the NRIs looking forward to growing their wealth. The account opening process with Choice India is simple and hassle-free. If you are an NRI looking forward to Investing/Trading in the Indian markets, open an NRI Demat Account with Choice India for your profitable venture into the Indian Equity Markets.

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