Why are Current Affairs important for the UPSC 2022 exam??

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts a competitive exam known as Civil Service Examination (CSE) nationwide. It is conducted for higher government civil services in India, which includes the post of Indian Administration Services (IAS), Indian police services (IPS), and Indian Foreign Services (IFS).

Current events are essential in UPSC Exam preparation since dynamic questions arise in all three phases of the exam: preliminary, mains, and interview. All events occurring in India and worldwide are considered current affairs of international and national interest.  

Current events for the UPSC 2022 have a massive effect on the static themes of General Studies, and problems in the IAS exam are frequently drawn from these parts. IAS preparation necessitates a thorough understanding of current events, the formation of opinions, and in-depth research of current events. Candidates should have a rudimentary understanding of the current event’s background to relate and propose solutions to the problem.

Importance of current affairs in UPSC 2022 exam

Any UPSC aspirant knows the value of current affairs in UPSC exam. You should be aware of all the important events tha are happening in and around the world. Having knowledge of current affairs will help you in answer writing for the exam as well.

  • The UPSC interview process evaluates a candidate’s knowledge and ability to deal with real-life situations, thorough knowledge of current events, and innovative thinking.
  • At all phases of the exam, a candidate must get a clear study plan to cover current events. Current events knowledge also aids in enhancing awareness and developing a person’s character.
  • Aspirants should be aware of the importance of current events study for UPSC Exams by reading a newspaper daily to cover this section of the Syllabus of UPSC exam.
  • It’s been estimated that 60-70 percent of the UPSC CSE Prelims questions relate to current affairs in some manner.
  • In UPSC Main, it’s been found that responses that include references to current events are given higher marks, indicating that the candidate is cognizant of current affairs.
  • Current events also aid in the development of analytical and logical thinking on a variety of themes such as current social issues, economic issues, election reforms, and national interests in international relations, among others.
  • When we integrate current events in our answers, it helps us cope with the problems statements appropriately and helps us get good grades.

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UPSC exam date 2022

Prelims exam will be conducted on 5 June 2022.

The main exam will be conducted on 16 September 2022. 

In this article, we have brought a technique for covering the current affairs section of the Syllabus of UPSC. Candidates studying for the examination of UPSC 2022 can use it to clear up any concerns and get a good notion of how to cope with current events. 

Exam preparation tips for UPSC 2022 exam includes the following points: 

1 – Know your syllabus well.

2 – Figure out the things you don’t need to study.

3 – Study from limited and trusted resources.

4 – Find the questions related to current affairs from the previous year’s question papers.

5 – Follow the process of time allotment for your study.

6 – You can also use online tools for writing your notes to save time.

7 – Ensure timely revision of your notes. 

Material for studying current affairs

The Hindu Newspaper, Yojana Magazine, Rajya Sabha TV Analysis, Kurukshetra Magazine, and Science Reporter are some of the finest materials for preparing for Current Affairs. You can also refer to the previous years’ papers and mock tests on BYJU’S Exam Prep to get an idea of your preparation level.

To conclude from the above-explained article, you should study daily and go over current affairs carefully. Current events can never be finished in a matter of days, weeks, or months. Its study must begin at the outset of the preparation process on a regular basis with full dedication.

BYJU’S Exam Prep will be your partner on the road to UPSC and other competitive exams. With BYJU’S Exam Prep, you will be able to take advantage of several sample exams and assignments, as well as get a comprehensive grasp of the examination curriculum.

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