Why Should You Buy Four Wheeler Insurance Online?


Digital has ignited a new kind of acceleration in the business world today. Everything, from shopping to even opening a bank account, is possible over the internet today. So, why not sign up for insurance policies also online?

With the widespread usage of the internet, thanks to smartphones and other smart appliances, online application of insurance policies has been made possible. With the sheer convenience that the internet provides, many insurance companies have gone digital, providing customers with the convenience of acquiring four-wheeler insurance online.

This blog will discuss the many benefits of buying four-wheeler insurance online. But before that, let us look at the different types of car insurance policies available for you. Keep reading!

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Types Of Four-Wheeler Insurance Plans

Car insurance policies provide coverage for any damage incurred from natural and manmade calamities, including accidents, fire, theft, floods, and more. There are different policy plans for four-wheelers. Some of them are:

  1. Third-party-only policy

    is a mandatory one you must buy at the time of vehicle purchase. It provides coverage for any third-party liability you may incur in an accident. It is mandatory for you to carry this insurance policy with you while driving on Indian roads. 

  2. Own Damage coverage

    is an add-on insurance policy that will provide monetary coverage for any personal damage you incur in the event of an accident. This includes damage through accidents, theft, and natural calamities like floods, fires, landslides, and more. 

  3. Personal accident coverage

     will provide financial support for the owner’s medical expenses at the time of an accident on the road. Your medical expenses, including treatment and hospitalisation charges, will be included in this insurance for any kind of accident you meet while driving. 

  4. Zero-dep policy

    is one of the best add-on policies, useful for new car owners with cars that are not more than 5 years old. Unlike other insurance policies, this one will also cover the depreciation cost of the car.  

  5. Comprehensive policy

    is the all-rounder of all policies as its coverage comprises coverages starting from third-party liability, own damage coverage, and accident coverage to damage from natural calamities, including floods, storms, fires, and more. 

These are some of the most popular car insurance policies. Let us take a look at why it is beneficial to get four-wheeler insurance online

Why Should You Buy Four Wheeler Insurance Online?

While buying insurance offline has perks, signing up for four-wheeler insurance online brings its own set of benefits to the table. 

  1. Insurance agent eliminated

When you sign up for four-wheeler insurance online, you do not have to deal with any insurance agent. Companies today have begun to break down possible technical terms – usually explained by agents – into easily understandable content. Therefore, you can browse through your options, choose the one that aligns with your requirements and budget, and go on to finish the application procedure. 

  1. Paperwork minimised

When you sign up for your four-wheeler insurance online, the paperwork comes down substantially. For example, you might have to have multiple copies of documents that need to be submitted for an insurance policy when you do it offline. However, when you buy four-wheeler insurance online, all you have to do is scan the documents and upload them to the site. When you apply for a car insurance policy offline, you will have to do quite a lot of paperwork, all of which becomes digitised when the process is done online.

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  1. Speedy processing

One of the biggest boons of going digital is the speed in getting things done. Compared to getting a car insurance plan offline through an agent, doing it online is less time-consuming, not just in terms of applying but also in the processing of your application. When you sign up for four-wheeler insurance online, it gets processed almost instantly in most cases, and you will have your insurance in hand in no time.

  1. Convenient process

Buying four-wheeler insurance online is overall more convenient than getting it offline. Since everything takes place online, you do not have to go in person for anything. The processing time is cut short, issuing of the insurance happens instantly, and you even avoid the waiting period to get your insurance copy as the soft copy is usually readily available for download. Therefore, overall, the processing of insurance is better and more convenient when done online than offline. 

  1. Go cashless

This is another benefit of buying car insurance online as opposed to the offline purchase of insurance policies, where you might need to arrange for large sums of cash to pay for the premium, service charges, and more. When you go online, everything, including the payments, is done digitally, thereby not requiring you to pay through cash. 

These are a few benefits of buying four-wheeler insurance online. Consider the Chola MS car insurance if you are looking to buy an insurance policy online. We are a leading general insurance company in India that deals with motor, health, home, and travel insurance policies. We offer a wide variety of coverages under the Chola MS car insurance banner, and the best part is that you can complete the necessary formalities online. Our process is hassle-free, with a low waiting period on claims and an excellent customer support wing. 

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