6 Ways to Keep Your Luggage Safe While Traveling Through Nice

If you’re traveling to Nice, France to see the beautiful architecture and enjoy the traditional food, you’re in for a real treat!

What isn’t a treat though, is having to deal with keeping your bags safe while you roam around. How do you manage to keep it safe, especially when you’re out and about and seeing the sights?

Is My Luggage Safest with Me?

It’s hard to say if your bags are always going to be at their safest when they’re with you. Unless it’s something that’s easy to keep your eyes on, like a backpack or a purse, it might cost you a lot of trouble.

However, keeping all of your items with you could be potentially safe. It’s certainly better than leaving them somewhere random, like in a bush or with a stranger. Although it isn’t the ideal luggage storage in Nice, it should be alright for the most part. 

Just keep an eye out for pickpockets, and make sure that your bags are always within your sights. Even better, make sure that everything is always within an arm’s reach!

What About Locks?

I would always recommend using the appropriate locks for your luggage, for the duration of any trip. Make sure that the locks you purchase are the correct size for your bags, and be sure to invest in as many locks as you have outside-accessible pockets.

Again, keeping your luggage with you is not the ideal form of luggage storage in Nice, but adding locks to the equation can certainly add a layer of much-needed and appreciated security.

In fact, I’m not against the idea of keeping your luggage locked up whenever you aren’t using it, whether it’s in a hotel room, a locker, or constantly by your side.

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Should I get Tamper-Proof Luggage?

While some might argue that this isn’t a complete necessity for every trip that you go on, I would likely argue in defense of tamper-proof luggage. 

Unless you’re highly familiar with an area and know with all certainty that the culture is too kind to mess with your bags, you should probably be bringing some form of tamper-proof or tamper-resistant luggage. This can also add another layer of security while you’re out and about or just generally not around your bags.

What about My Hotel?

Wherever you’re staying in Nice, that’s theoretically the safest place to keep your bags. And I’m all about safety when it comes to having luggage storage in Nice. However, that’s only the safest case if you have access to your own private quarters, where no one but hospitality staff can enter your room. 

I certainly wouldn’t recommend keeping your luggage in a place like a hostel while you’re out and about. It’s in hostels where it’s much more likely that your only storage options will be in open communal areas. I definitely wouldn’t be able to take in the architectural beauty of the city knowing that my luggage is somewhere that almost anyone could take it.

Additionally, this isn’t really ideal if you have to check out of your hotel on the last day of your trip but still plan on seeing many of Nice’s beautiful sights.

Can I Leave My Luggage in the Car?

If you’re traveling into Nice, France, especially across a large body of water, I find that this solution is pretty unlikely to suit your needs. Additionally, you might find that you won’t even need a car while you’re in Nice because of the well-structured public transportation all over the city.

While you can leave your luggage in your car with some relative certainty that it won’t be lost or stolen, it’s probably well-noted that your car will not be the best luggage storage in Nice, as well as in other areas with good public transportation. A car might just be unnecessary.

What about Reserving a Place or Locker?

This could possibly be your best bet for luggage storage in Nice, at least in terms of the overall safety and peace of mind that this option can grant you.

While I would still probably keep locks and tamper-resistant luggage as safety priorities in general, it’s difficult to claim that the numerous lockers in France will not also provide an extra shield against prying eyes or greedy hands.

Multiple storage and luggage companies have set up facilities just for the purpose of keeping your bags safe. Additionally, there are some small businesses that partner with these companies and brands, agreeing to keep an eye on your items for a small sum while you travel around the historic city.

What About my Valuables?

If someone does manage to get through all of the safety barriers that you put up, from locks, to lockers, to tamper-resistant or tamper-proof luggage bags, then hiding your valuables in unorthodox ways may be helpful.

In addition to keeping valuable items on your person at all times, you can also sew small pieces of jewelry and small sums of money into neat pockets around your bags. You might even consider hiding them in some articles of clothing, making it much more difficult for your beloved belongings to be taken from your bags.

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