All You Need To Know About The Car Spark Plug

Spark plugs can be considered an integral part of your car’s engine. Though very small in size and the vehicle owners overlook their importance, they can solve many significant issues. The spark plug from is a quality spark plug that can be considered the smallest ball of lightning.

The spark plug is situated and screwed on the top of the cylinder. The sparks emitted from the plug can ignite the compressed air-fuel mixture within the combustion chamber. The number of spark plugs in a car depends on the number of cylinders on that particular car.

Importance of Spark Plugs for your vehicle:

Without the spark plug, the vehicles cannot move forward or start.  The health of your engine is directly connected to the spark plugs. The good sparks may not create any issues like cold start or misfiring. 

But the bad ones may create issues. For example, when the inferior spark comes out, it cannot sustain maximum power and, therefore, drop the car’s fuel efficiency. The car’s auto parts can also get affected by the inferior sparks, so they should be immediately corrected.

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When do the spark Plugs need a change?

The good quality spark plugs do not require a change very often. The spark plugs can operate without any glitches for many years and many miles. However, some car automotive companies may recommend that spark plugs need to be replaced after 20000 km( for nickel type spark plugs) and for the motorcycle type, 8000 to 10000 km. 

The life of a single spark plug can depend on the condition, and the type of servicing and driving it has gone through. The spark plugs made of nickel have the shortest life span, and the spark plugs made of precious and durable materials can have the longest lifespan. Preventive maintenance is the right key. There can be high-quality spark plugs that may run to 100000 miles. You can check with the owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

5 signs that you need to replace the spark plug?

Weak Acceleration: 

When you press down on the gas to notice the lack of responsiveness or respond very slowly, it proves that the acceleration is weak or poor. As a result, your vehicle may be overworked and the engine. This inactive feeling can be avoided by replacing the spark plugs.

Engine Misfire:

The engine misfire can be the sign when you require the replacement of the spark plugs. The engine may come to a halt and can again start working. If this happens several times, spark plugs need to be replaced.

Rough Idle: 

When your engine is running, idling can be done. When idling is done, the engine may run at lower rpm. When your spark plugs are active, the sound from the engine will be continuous and smooth. If the spark plugs are not functioning, the engine will produce a rough, jittery sound. All these signals for changing the spark plugs.

Fuel Consumption:

The emissions will come out at a very low pace and in a very low amount if the spark plugs are working properly. When the performance deteriorates, the fuel combustion can reduce your fuel efficiency. When you notice that you are filling your tank more often, then you should consider replacing the spark plug.

The problem in Starting The Vehicle: 

When your vehicle is not starting, you can consider replacing the spark plugs. Unfortunately, the worn spark plugs create difficulty, causing your battery to drain out. So it needs to be fixed ASAP.

Here are some other benefits that are required when Spark plugs are replaced.

  • Emissions can be harmful and preventive maintenance like replacing the spark plugs can help in preventing them.
  • Smooth and energetic ignition can be possible with the new spark plugs 
  • The consistent production of optimal combustion can be obtained through the replacement of the spark plugs
  • Misfiring and fuel efficiency, if reduced, can be improved by replacing the spark plugs

What happens when spark plugs get old?

 When the car spark plugs get old, you can notice various changes within the car.

  • The automobile industry depends on the efficiency of the vehicles. Therefore, the deposits may accumulate on the spark plugs with air and fuel.
  • The spacing gap is produced after spark plug fires. When the spark plugs get old, these gaps extend.

Boodmo offers you various new spark plugs so that you can replace them whenever required. So, if you can notice the signals mentioned above when you need to change the old spark plugs, just go ahead and change the spark plugs to enjoy the longevity of your vehicle’s engine.

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