9 Things You Must Do To Study In The UK

For students who are going to study in the UK, it is very necessary to make a plan to settle down quickly after arriving in the UK, because this will affect your subsequent life and study rhythm. Among them, there are 9 must-do things to study in the UK that deserve your attention.

Regarding the airport pick-up service after arriving in the UK, you can book through different channels. Many universities offer shuttles from designated airports to the school, so you can contact the school in advance to confirm and book a pick-up.

You can also book a taxi in advance according to your own itinerary. According to the British epidemic prevention and control regulations, when it is really impossible to find a pick-up service, you can take public transportation to your destination. When taking public transportation, you need to take personal protection and wear a mask.

After arriving at the school, everyone can start self-isolation in the pre-booked school dormitory or off-campus address, and carry out the COVID-19 testing during the isolation period as required.

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  • Enrollment

After everyone has settled in the dormitory or isolation place, it is time to start preparing for enrollment and registration. Whether it is online or offline registration, it is recommended that everyone confirm the process with the school in advance, and be familiar with the admission process such as paying tuition fees and obtaining a student ID card. This is very important for every student studying abroad.

 . Receive BRP card

The BRP card is equivalent to your ID card in the UK and is a very important identity document. After arriving in the UK, everyone needs to bring the BRP card confirmation letter issued with the visa, and go to the designated place to collect the BRP card as soon as possible after completing self-isolation.

In addition, in case the BRP card is accidentally lost, everyone must report the loss as soon as possible and apply for a replacement.

 . GP community hospital registration

If you get sick in the UK, you need to contact the GP community doctor for medical treatment, so it is recommended that you register with the GP of the local community or university medical center in time after arriving in the UK, in case of emergency.

In addition, completing GP registration is also convenient for everyone to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and receive the COVID-19 testing kit after arriving in the UK.

Make an appointment for medical treatment in the UK

NHS is the abbreviation of “National Health Service”, the UK’s national medical service system. All hospitals, outpatient clinics and medical staff in the UK are under the management of NHS, including emergency, specialist outpatient and examination, surgical treatment and inpatient care.

GP is the abbreviation of “General Practitioner”, which refers to the community doctor in the UK. There is another point to note. If you get sick in the UK, you can’t go to the hospital directly under normal circumstances. Instead, you have to go to the GP first, and the GP will decide whether to go to the hospital for an examination after the GP’s diagnosis and treatment.

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 . Bank account opening

After arriving in the UK, it is very necessary to apply for a local bank card in the UK. You can apply under the guidance of the school during the freshman week (issue a bank introduction letter, proof of accommodation address), or you can choose a bank that is more popular with international students to apply for a bank card.

It usually takes 1-2 weeks to open an account. During this period, you can temporarily use a credit card that supports international payments for emergencies. Remember to keep some cash on hand.

Which banks are there in the UK?

International students generally can only apply for an international student account, called International Student Account. There will be a monthly fee, generally around 5-10 pounds.

Information required for bank application

– passport


– Bank Letter issued by the school

– proof of residence

   . Purchase a transportation card

After arriving in the UK, it is recommended that you apply for a youth train discount card “16-25 Railcard”. The annual fee is 30 pounds per year, which allows you to enjoy a one-third discount when taking the train.

At the same time, you can also buy a commonly used local transportation card to enjoy certain discounts when using buses and subways.

  • Familiar with the surrounding environment

After making the above necessary preparations for admission and life in the UK, you can gradually become familiar with the surrounding environment, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, gyms, and the locations of common places.

  • Purchasing daily necessities and downloading commonly used apps

While doing the above, you can purchase daily necessities and decorate your overseas “home” through offline supermarkets, local second-hand stores, second-hand goods transfer groups and other channels.

In addition, it is recommended that you use student party discount apps, such as UNiDAYS, Student Beans, etc., which can also save you a lot of money!

  • Be open minded and enjoy life in the UK

After everything is in place, the most important thing is to safely enjoy the time of studying and living in the UK. This includes not only actively participating in learning and making friends from all over the world, but also enjoying cultural life and experiencing the original British way of life as allowed by local policies!

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