Apache Spark Careers and Job Opportunities


Big Data is getting bigger. With 1.14 trillion MB of data generated every day, Big Data has become unmanageable using traditional tools. More surprising is the fact that data production will exponentially increase in the years to come. So, the need for robust, flexible, and scalable technologies to handle voluminous data stands more vital than ever.

Thankfully, research and innovations are at their peak. A sigh of relief in the Big Data paradigm comes through a robust technology platform called Apache Spark. Since its inception, Apache Spark has dominated the Big Data landscape. The convenience, speed, and perfection that Spark offers make it one of the leading tools used by data engineers.

Are you planning to architect your career in Apache Spark? Congratulations if it’s a yes! However, you might be willing to explore Spark’s profession, job opportunities, and salaries before doing anything. Our comprehensive article about its scope will inspire you to learn Apache Spark

So, without wasting any moment, let’s understand Apache Spark’s career and job opportunities in 2022.

What Exactly is Apache Spark?

As you are still wondering about the career scope and yet to start the learning, it’s high time that you have some idea of the meaning of Apache Spark. 

So, what on earth is Apache Spark? It is a robust processing platform built to handle massive datasets, and Apache Spark can communicate with many other distributed frameworks to achieve faster and enhanced performance. Based on Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Spark follows an advanced model. 

Apache Sparks offers the following benefits to Big Data managers.

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  • Exceptional Speed: 

Using Apache Spark, you can access a hundred times faster processing capabilities in memory and ten times better speed on disk. So, you can perceive Spark as one of the fastest Big Data platforms out there.

  • Compatible with Multiple Languages:

Apache Spark is highly compatible with Java, Python, and Scala. It has built-in APIs for these languages and lets you code freely without worrying about compatibility issues.

  • Advanced Analytics:

Spark is famous for possessing advanced analytics capabilities, and it goes beyond MapReduce and supports Machine Learning, Streaming Data, and Graph algorithms.

Indeed, Apache Spark has emerged as a groundbreaker in the industry. Such features compel companies to adopt Spark and release numerous vacancies for candidates knowing the platform.

Apache Spark: The Career Opportunities

Spark is a rapidly flourishing domain. So, it’s the best time to learn about the platform and dive deeper into the field. Here are the career opportunities that Spark can unlock before you. Have a look!

  • Still Expanding

Apache Spark is on the verge of expansion. As Big Data grows, the features on the platform become advanced and capable of managing such volumes of information. So, now is the ripest time to join the industry and enjoy massive growth prospects in the years to come.

  • Leading Companies Invest in Spark

Do you want to get the badge of Amazon, Shopify, or Hitachi? Here’s your ultimate chance to join these companies as Big Data experts and earn the stamp. Leading companies invest in Spark and hire experts for various job roles. 

  • More Companies are Connecting

Big Data analysis has become essential for almost all companies. More companies are leveraging Apache Spark than ever. So, Spark vacancies are growing, and enterprises require more professionals to manage the tasks proficiently.

Apache Spark can take you to heights, provided you have the proper knowledge. Now that you know the career opportunities, you might be intrigued to understand various job roles available in the domain. Let’s find out below.

What are the Common Spark Job Roles?

While you are new to Apache Spark, imagining the principal job roles can be challenging for you. So, here is a walk-through of the various designations you might get by mastering Spark concepts and bagging a relevant job.

  1. Apache Spark Developer

Apache Spark developers have the brightest future in the industry. These professionals can earn an average salary of $108,013 per annum. Are you wondering how a Spark developer job description appears? Here’s your answer! Employers expect a Spark developer to fulfill the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Job Creation

You should be able to create Spark/Scala jobs. Be it for data transformation or aggregation purposes, job creation should be a cakewalk for you.

  • Unit Test Production

You need to have knowledge of unit tests production for helper methods and Apache Spark transformations.

  • Writing Documentation

Documentation writing proficiency in Scala is a must. So, you can expect such responsibilities when joining a Spark developer job.

  • Designing Pipelines

Most Apache Spark developer jobs expect to have an in-depth understanding and experience designing various data processing pipelines.

You might find the above terms to be a bit confusing. Don’t worry; you will understand the concepts once you’ve mastered the following skills.

  • Apache Spark 2. x
  • Scala, R, or Python
  • JUnit, Mockito
  • Optimizing and tuning Spark queries
  • Experience in S3, DynamoDB, HDFS, and Cassandra
  1. Apache Spark Engineer

Another mind-boggling Apache Spark job is the one for engineers. The companies expect you to fulfill the following responsibilities when hired as an Apache Spark engineer.

  • Experience with Spark

Since you will be an Apache Spark engineer, employers expect you to have some experience manipulating the framework. They will ask you to deploy, unit test, design, integrate, and develop Spark as and when required.

  • Implementation Documentations

Another core responsibility of an Apache Spark engineer is writing documentation regarding the design and implementation of Spark jobs.

  • Output Display in Sprint

Furthermore, they might expect you to design or develop the final outputs in sprint demos to understand better.

Here are the must-have skills required to become a Spark engineer.

  • Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Kafka/Kenesis
  • AWS/Azure
  • Agile Methodology

No other career pathway is as bright as Apache Spark. So, it’s the best time to enroll in a reputed online course and get professional Spark training to kickstart your career as a highly-paid Apache Spark developer or engineer.

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