Top 5 Ways to Use Instagram Reels in Your Marketing Strategy


Due to the very nature of modern technology, people nowadays prefer something in which they will at least be able to derive some level of entertainment. This is precisely why they are often prone to mindlessly scrolling through their feeds and simply enjoying the short videos, pictures, quotes, and messages that other people have shared. This is also why Instagram Reel has become so popular because it offers users even more chances to expand their information horizons while still providing a lot of entertainment along with it.

As a matter of fact, Instagram Reels have become such an important social media tool that marketers have started actively using them for the sake of marketing strategy, differentiating their brand from others, and improving the number of overall leads.

An increasingly popular social media network, Instagram has shown its potential to change the game. So, you should use this Instagram reels guide, if you want to be on top of it. It’s a way for brands to showcase their work in a more impactful manner.

5 Proven Ways to Use Instagram Reels in Marketing

Instagram Reels is a great way of gaining additional insights into the activities of your target market which is highly beneficial when it comes to engaging your audience, increasing brand awareness. So it’s easy to see why brands think this Instagram reels guide is effective-  especially with all of its cool potential for going viral! Read on to learn how you can use Instagram reels to grow your brand.

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Create everything engaging

Instagram is the perfect platform to create a variety of extremely different and engaging content marketing strategies that will expand your brand reach in a way you never thought feasible before.

Think of making a short tutorial including your signature products with a comedic spin because you’re creating content so that people keep coming back for more! You can also create snippets answering questions from your customers by using stickers in your most recent Instagram video stories and then link them directly to another post. You can also hold an interesting Q&A round!

Asking questions about your business with movie-themed stickers is one of the more popular choices you can implement not only to let your followers know how much you value them, but also because it’s fun and can lead to a plethora of conversations that can potentially turn into big sales.

It’s important to keep in mind that varying up the type of content you post per day be it a quote, photo or video is the easiest way to make sure followers don’t lose interest or get bored when scrolling along with their feed!

Highlight your products

Showcase your products through visual storytelling with Instagram reels and increase your customer base with ease. A reel consists of motion imagery that can draw cat attention to your product in comparison to other posts on social media and is a tried-and-true marketing strategy of driving traffic, views, and engagement.

Utilize reels to highlight the benefits and features of your product with the aim of encouraging potential customers and making it easier for them to buy! Be creative when it comes time for creating a reel and do not be afraid to showcase how someone might use your product in different ways as this will not only appeal to viewers but get them engaging with you directly. After all, there’s nothing more valuable than having people interacting directly with your brand.

Go with trends

Marketing your brand or product on Instagram seems not so simple, but it can prove to be very effective if done correctly. Your goal is to stand out from the crowd when you go viral on Instagram. Therefore, you have to make sure your content is unique and that your visual accounts are appealing to the eye.

To make this happen, it is advised to take advantage of the fact trends are constantly changing. Take a look at other brands doing well on Instagram. Analyze how they do it and then develop campaigns based on this data by creating reels with video content relating to current trends in the industry, making sure it relates specifically to your brand in this way and increases chances of going viral!

Teaser Game!

To get your audience even more intrigued, consider releasing teasers using reels of what’s to come! It’s all about making it feel like the wait for your next product will be intense. This can create a sensation of urgency among your viewers and encourage them to watch your content! Make sure your clips are eye-catching and give an impression of suspense. That will make it easier for viewers to notice your posts.

Sneak Peek to Behind the Scenes

Behind the curtains, backstage footage is the most viewed type of content because people love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Reels can be really effective when you take this into consideration – because it enables you to share some insight into behind-the-scenes content like how your business was formed, how employees work together, workplace activities, employee personalities, and much more. Letting your audience get an insight like this into what goes on ‘off-screen’ helps them to feel much closer to your brand as if they know you personally.

Sharing it all with them helps you build a stronger connection with followers that makes them feel like they’re a part of your work family and are in touch with reality – which builds trust!


There are many reasons why Instagram is a hot topic in the world of social media marketing. If you are not already using Instagram in your marketing strategy, you should be. Instagram is a platform that allows users to share images, videos, and stories that can be interesting, entertaining, or aesthetically pleasing. It has millions of daily active users and the potential to be even more successful for businesses.

If you are looking for some new ways to use Instagram in your marketing strategy, then you’ll find this Instagram reels guide is effective and market your brand more efficiently.

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