Celebrating 28 years of Share India

Share India, a stockbroking firm is celebrating 28 years of its existence. The company was founded by an Indian entrepreneur and has been a pioneer in the Indian financial sector. The firm is doing well in the Indian market. It has been able to grow its client base and increase its reach by partnering with other companies. The company is maintaining a steady growth rate throughout the year within the last five years. Share India stockbroking firm is also one of the few companies that have been able to provide consistent performance for investors. Share India was founded in 1994. It has been providing financial services to retail investors, small and medium enterprises, and large corporations for 28 years. 

The Offerings That Brought Success To Share India

The company offers a variety of products such as stocks, equity derivatives and more. Share India also has an online trading platform that is accessible through the internet for its customers to trade stocks. There are many different aspects of Share India that make it unique. For example, they offer different types of products to their customers in order to provide them with the best service possible. The market leaders in offering clients in India and overseas algo-trading solutions. 

The company has been serving the HNI market, but they want its retail market to fit the new generation of investors. They are concentrating, enhancing, and broadening our offerings to assist every Indian person. They have also been successful in expanding our services, which has allowed our clients to increase their investments and grow. Share India has been able to win India’s trust thanks to its transparent, unambiguous, sincere, and customer-centred strategy. The knowledge that a stockbroking firm has accumulated over time has been concentrated on better servicing India.

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How is Share India, the stockbroking firm giving its best for Algo trading?

Share India stockbroking firm is giving its best for Algo trading by providing the best possible trading experience to its customers. It has given ‘Algo trading’ a new meaning. It has introduced a new way of executing trades which is based on using mathematical algorithms. Share India was established with the aim of providing investment products and services to retail investors in India. It has been consistently delivering quality service and innovative products to its customers since then. The new company that has developed over the last few decades and has led the way in algo-trading The company wants to revolutionise youthful trading by giving every Indian family access to an automated trading platform.

Steps of Recognition

The company was established on July 12, 1994, as “FMS Securities Limited,” pursuant to Registration with the Registrar of Companies. On July 20, 1994, the company was granted a Certificate for the Start of Business. Additionally, the company’s registered office was transferred from the State of Assam to the National Capital Territory of Delhi & Haryana, and a new certificate for the change in registered office was issued by the Registrar of Companies, National Capital Territory of Delhi & Haryana, on December 21, 2000, in accordance with a ruling by the Eastern Region Bench of the CLB dated August 09, 2000. The company has extended into the service industry, offering answers to the needs of investors in the area of equities brokerage investing and trading operations. Share India Securities Limited was amalgamated into the Company on May 20, 2010, in accordance with the Amalgamation Scheme. In 2010, the company was renamed Share India Securities Limited. 

Today’s Status

Currently, Share India is involved in equities brokerage, investment, and trading activities. Additionally, the firm offers its services as a Depository Participant, Market Analyst, and it has also submitted an application to the Securities and Exchange Board of India for registration as a Portfolio Manager. They have always sought to expand and multiply in order to attain infinity and beyond. Share India Securities have pioneered algo trading and intend to continue doing so as trade enters a new era. In addition, they have been able to expand our offers and provide services to a broader audience by acquiring a number of businesses.  

The Products that the Firm provides are:

Investors need to be aware of the products that a stockbroker provides. This will help them in deciding the type of service that they require.

  • Trade Delivery
  • Trading Day-to-Day (Intraday Trading)
  • Trading Futures
  • Trading Options
  • Initial public offering
  • Share Trading 
  • Equity Trading

The Services Share India Offers

Share India is the leading Indian stockbroker. They offer a suite of financial products and services to their customers. This includes: 

  • The demat account
  • Account for Trading
  • Online Trading

A Platform for trading with Share India

Share India is a well-known Indian stockbroking company. It provides its clients with a wide range of products and services, including securities trading, investment opportunity, f&O and derivatives trading. The leading stockbroking firms in India offer a wide range of services to their customers via a few platforms like:

  • Site for Trading
  • App for Stock Trading
  • Trading Software

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