Everything in hosting for a website you need to know

Close your eyes and relax while you open your favorite website. Sure, you’ll think about everything but its nature. Arguably, 99% of users don’t mind why it has that design or where it is located, except if it contains propaganda or illegal content. The rest 1% are web specialists who are responsible for Internet functionality. Some take care of hosting – the primary link between the peers.

That strange word…

Hosting for a website is like a multi-storeyed building but inhabited by websites, not people. It’s a complex infrastructure containing physical or virtual server machines allowing applications or platforms on the Internet. The right confident hosting is the essential item of expenditure for corporate or personal purposes.

Each platform uses the volume of data required to fulfill its needs. For example, the social network Facebook uses 75000+ servers worldwide to offer local services to their customers. They need to pay for these services to hosting providers. Only a few of them offer free services. These are popular among criminal groups – the illegal website disappears after brief inactivity or according to the operator’s decision.

The Webhosting operators and data centers keep a crowd of technicians to guarantee the stable work of their equipment. Most of them are located in low-density populated areas and have begun to use renewable energy. Customers must not suffer from hacker attacks, malware, and suspicious neighbors.

How it’s made?

When the user types the website address in the browser search line and presses Enter, it starts the chain of invisible operations. The browser sends the command to the host where this resource is available. It activates the transfer of CRM, databases, and the pages to read or everything required to serve the query correctly.

The resource owner pays a monthly fee for services. Usually, they have tariff autonomy, but sometimes the government regulates the prices in favor of local businesses. Most providers offer several types of programs varying in traffic limits, storage capacity, or CPU power. They provide extra services like site construction, anti-malware software, email, or something else.

Let’s consider the VSYS host example. We offer three types of servers in each category, e.g., 12×2,3, 12×2,4 and 12×2,4, and 12×2,5 GHz Intel DUAL E5 CPU family. Our customers can choose the storage between 32 GB and 1 TB, 32 to 96 GB DDR, and at least 32 IP web addresses. These options establish the final basic price. Customers who need more storage or DDR volume can choose the additional equipment on the configurator page. All operational systems are free to use except for some payable Windows releases. The final option is the choice of data-center in Ukraine, the Netherlands, or overseas to reach the audience in the targeted region.

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The provider’s support team helps customers to solve problems from domain name registration to functionality issues. It includes:

  •   Equipment maintenance, protection against threats, software control;
  •   Simple, usable menu for creating the website or purchasing domains;
  •   24/7 accessibility of the resource.

The VSYS host team does the same, plus some pleasant bonuses for hosting a website. That includes the dedicated server for the single client, remote equipment control, and flexible configuration. Our team will administrate your website for three hours per month, free of charge.

Types of hosting

The word hosting looks like a single notion for most users. However, the technician will mention these types of hosting from vsys.host:

  •   Shared hosting:
  •   WordPress:
  •   Cloud:
  •   Virtual private server:
  •   Virtual private network.

Most shared hosting providers are free, but some pay-per-use options exist. The website shares space with colleagues on the same server. It’s an excellent option for small blogs, new platforms, or testers. This platform shares the space, CPU performance, storage, and DDR memory. They are popular due to:

  •   Comfortable price:
  •   Ready to use server:
  •   Usable menus.

The dark side of this type is the low responsibility of the hosting provider. Sure, your rank will be lower due to malware or suspicious neighbors. Except for the VSYS host – we keep abreast of the security of our customers so that nobody will disturb you.

The virtual private server is the dedicated volume suitable for most projects or blogs. This type of service has advantages like root rights and straightforward scalability. A set of VPSes transforms into the virtual private network (VPN). Actually, we use them to unblock the restricted websites, but these structures are suitable for more purposes. For instance, the corporate network in various countries needed to synchronize their efforts or support the software for other countries.

The excellent functionality is typical for cloud website server hosting. It’s an autonomous system available 24/7/365 from any point of the globe. This hosting type is suitable for projects interested in stable work. The cloud has some advantages:

  •   Minimal pauses in web platform work:
  •   The equipment structure is individual for each customer:
  •   the provider sends the bills for actual consumed data.

A WordPress package is set to launch the websites on this popular platform. It contains the required security webcache. They allow the users to download their favorite resources: Its extra strong sides include:

  •   accessible price:
  •   user-friendly interface:
  •   high performance.

The dedicated servers exchange data in favor of the single owner. Their owners get the flexibility of high-end configuration, professional support team, and choice of the operating system. Nobody will disturb them regarding the malware or suspicious websites as neighbors. This service saves money – you can loan the equipment instead of teaching the team and buying expensive solutions.


The VSYS host offers you the stands in the EU and Ukrainian data centers. They are flexible and suitable for every position listed above. Choose your preferences and call us to negotiate the details. Sure, you’ll enjoy the desired result.

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