List of Documents you need while you export from India 

From exporting fashion to exporting food, India’s export market is booming. Those already in the export business knows the importance of documentation needed to initiate export in international market. For the people who are processing their way into the export business, their first step is to regulate their products and keep a track of it’s quality maintenance. Get all the products ready that you want to export from India. The second step is to get all the documents ready while you plan to on-board your products in the export world of businesses.  

Export documents are an integral part of an export business as it promotes the smooth functioning of goods and services and payments in the global market. Along with every shipment accompanies the export documents across the national borders. These documents must be updated and filled with accurate information, so it doesn’t face any legal complications in near future. Whether you are new to the export business or already has an existing export business, at every stage you need to regulate, apply, submit and produce documents. There is a list of documents that you need to go through while you make your way to become export-ready.  

Export documents checklist: Export from India 

Export from India demands documents depending upon the destination where the product needs to be exported and also the kind of product that is about to get exported. Different countries require different certifications for different product range. While these documents not just give insight regarding the item and its destination port but on the other hand, they are also utilized with the end goal of tax assessment and quality control investigation certification. 

Here is a list of documents that you need to furnish while exporting overseas from India.  


1.Bill of Lading (BL) 

Bill of landing is one of the essential documents in charge of export bound cargos. It is issued by the carrier to represent a contract and a receipt between the shipper and the carrier. Under this Bill, the carrier acknowledges that the goods have been received from the exporter in good condition and is ready to ship.  

2. Commercial Invoice cum Packing List   

Recently under Government guidelines two documents, Packing List and Commercial Invoice, required by Customs have been merged into one document.  

Commercial Invoice: It is a necessary document in export. Once the products are good to go, a Commercial Invoice is prepared and submitted to the Customs by the exporter. The customs signature is required before the shipment begins 

Packing List: This document is required when the cargo contains more than one product. A proper packaging list is prepared, listing the distinct items, which needs to be export.  

3. Shipping Bill or Bill of Export 

Shipping Bill is a customs document needed to obtain clearance for exports from customs. It is issued by Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE) which provides electronic filing of Shipping Bills. An exporter cannot ship the goods unless and until he files the Shipping Bill as it a mandatory document.  

4. Proforma Invoice 

A proforma invoice is a bill which is required when you need advance payment from your committed customers. A proforma invoice includes details about the product, price, delivery, payment transactions, etc. It is an agreement between the buyer and the seller on the basis of trust.  

5. Export Order/Purchase Order 

After the Proforma Invoice is issued, the buyer confirms the order through Purchase Order (PO) with the exporter. The purchase order includes details from the buyer’s side specifying goods details such as cost, currency, shipping details and their requirements.  

6. Certificate of Origin 

The Certificate of Origin (COO) is a special document which provides the information such as the country of the origin of the goods; that is the place where goods have been manufactured. It is an affidavit attached to the commercial invoice. The COO is generated for each item in the parcel. 

7. Bill of exchange (BE) 

A written order which tells buyer to pay the amount mentioned by the exporter is known as the Bill of Exchange. It is generated by the exporter to inform the importer about the payment.  

8. Letter of Credit 

The respective buyer’s bank issues the Letter of Credit to confirm the payment to the exporter on the committed date, in case the buyer gets late in paying the bills. It is an essential document which is guaranteed by the bank in order to honour the buyer purchase order.  

9. Inspection/Quality check 

An importer can ask for quality investigation before the shipment of the goods. Inspecting the product’s quality, examining, and testing products comes under this bill. The buyer can assist on verifying the packaging parameters as well. The exporter should get ready the quality inspection certificate while shipping products.  

10. Phyto-sanitary certificates and fumigation certificates 

The Phyto-sanitary certificate and the fumigation certificate is demanded by the importer in regard to quality check of products under international quality standards and norms. The Phyto-sanitary certificate is compulsory while shipping agricultural commodities from India. It is one of the mandatory document and exports should regulate this certificate when exporting. 

All businesses and organizations are expected to be agreeable with the nation regulations and guidelines to maintain a worldwide business. By meeting the various requirements through documentation and certificates you can scale up your business in the international markets and reach millions of customers out there. Isn’t it good if you get a platform which helps you export globally with just few steps? 

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