Experts’ Global- The Greats of MBA Admission Consulting and GMAT Prep

A global leader in equipping earners with exhaustive GMAT prep assistance and MBA admission consulting, Experts’ Global is a name synonymous with excellent results. Since its beginnings in 2008, the firm has touched the lives of students from over 50 countries.

GMAT Prep Program

Experts’ Global is at the forefront of GMAT prep aids via its online, on-demand GMAT preparation program. Packaging 300+ conceptual videos with 4000+ practice questions in its complete GMAT preparation toolkit, the program also adheres closely to the GMAT feel. In terms of complexity, conceptual scope, and question structure, the program materials match the GMAT’s lofty bar. Even the testing interface in the program recreates the GMAT experience, with a screen layout, control panel, and color scheme like that you’ll see on the GMAT. The experience is augmented by an on-screen timer that turns red when you linger over a question. Thus, the program honors the GMAT experience!

Mock Tests

The 15 excellent GMAT mock tests, in its GMAT prep program encapsulate the quality of service and instruction that Experts’ Global provides to GMAT takers. The test series is accessed via the GMAT-like interface that Experts’ Global provides, alongside built-in analytics that help students understand their performance, inside-out. Through a close sifting of their performance over many mocks, the analytics help students understand their conceptual gaps, improve their accuracy and reduce the time taken per question, and keep them appraised of their progress.

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Live Classroom Program

While the online program at Experts’ Global sets standards, the live classroom program is fantastic too. Featuring weekend classes led by Mr. Srivastava, the firm’s founder, the program provides students with personal insight into the GMAT. Students in the classes benefit from Mr. Srivastava’s complete GMAT expertise and his unique understanding of the test as a 99th percentiler. The students also gain access to the firm’s online training program.

MBA Admission Consultancy

A connected relationship with each student distinguishes Experts’ Global’s MBA admission consultancy and the bespoke guidance it provides. Through a limited student intake each year, the firm makes sure that each student it admits gets personalized care and mentorship. The “End to End Admission Consultancy” ethos at the firm means that students receive quality admissions advice and interventions at each step of the way. Through consistent investment in each student’s story, the firm has alumni in each of the global top one-hundred and fifty business schools.

ISB Admission Consultancy

Experts’ Global has a reputation for success with each global B-school’s admissions processes, and yet the firm specializes in the Indian School of Business or ISB. Most Indian MBA aspirants consider ISB their first choice, domestically, and so the firm rises to their aid with the particular mastery that their admissions consultants hold over ISB admissions journeys. Through the meticulous nature of its ISB aspirant mentorship, the firm delivers interview calls to over 90% of its students who apply to the school.

Training for Admission Interviews

Experts’ Global makes sure to provide truly polished interview prep assistance to students availing of its MBA admission consultancy.

Recognizing the sheer importance of MBA interviews and the dearth of quality guidance for students therein, Experts’ Global has come up with a helpful interview training program. Driven by a transparent mentor-mentee relationship, the process starts with one studying a 15-part video series on the fundamentals of MBA admissions interview excellence. A consequent questionnaire familiarizes a student with the 30 most commonly asked MBA interview questions, and their answers to the same provide the mentor with inputs for their mocks. These mocks then work to address the student’s conceptual gaps and are rounded up by deep-diving mentor-mentee feedback sessions.

Several MBA aspirants each year find their way to their dream MBA empowered by Experts’ Global’s GMAT training and MBA admission consultancy. The company remains a pioneer in these impactful domains!

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