Things to Consider for Living in Nellore

Nellore is a city in Andhra Pradesh where you can see from the fort to lakes. There is a lot to discover and experience in this beautiful city of Andhra Pradesh. The city is also rich in culture and history. You will find here forts that date back to prehistoric times. This city is famous for the development of trade. Hence, it provides a great work opportunity for many. People from other places come here for job opportunities and look for a house for sale in Nellore

It is a highly cultured city with many options for buying and selling properties. People invest here to buy properties for a comfortable living with family.

Also, if we talk about the cost of living in Nellore, it is comparatively low and more affordable than other cities in India. 

Here, a rented house can come for 4000 rupees monthly. Also, the monthly expenses of an individual vary from 3000 to 5000 rupees which is comparably cheaper presently. 

Best Neighborhood for Living in Nellore

There are many developed localities in Nellore that have recently emerged over the past 10-15 years. If you are living for work opportunities, you first need to think about your travel from home to the office. Try to look for a nearby locality or neighbourhood that is both close to your home and office. Not only will it save your time, but it will also save that extra buck on travel. You will find many cost-effective houses for sale in Nellore to serve your desired purpose. 


You can try places like Balaji Nagar, Magunta Layout, and ISKCON City, where new buildings, apartments, flats, and independent houses have recently emerged. 

Also, if you are looking to buy properties in the older parts of Nellore, you can try places like Santhapet, Ranganayak, Nawabpet, Brundavan, Mulapet, etc. Though they are not well-developed like ISKCON City, you will find good neighbourhoods with good people to serve your living. 

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People have mostly lived here in harmony and peace for so many decades. So, living in Nellore won’t be troublesome for you. 

Places to Avoid Living in Nellore

With some good neighbourhoods, you will find some filthy places to live in Nellore. These places are not well-maintained or looked after properly. Most areas are crowded with slums. You must therefore avoid living or buying properties in places like Vijaya Mahal Gate, NTR Nagar, Potti Sreeramulu Bus Stand, etc.

Attractive Properties to Buy in Nellore for Living

You will find many independent houses for sale in Nellore with top-quality materials for a living. Most of the houses for sale range from 2BHK independent houses to 9 BHK independent houses. The house available for sale here comes with covered car parking and a gated community. 

The attractive properties include areas like:

  • Dhanalakshmipuram

  • Ramesh Reddy Nagar

  • Navalak Gardens

  • Umma Reddy Gunta

  • Gayathri Nagar

Is Madurai a Good Place to Live and Invest?

Madurai is a well-known city situated in the south-central of Tamil Nadu. This city is famous for Dravidian-style temples everywhere. It is considered one of the greatest pilgrim sites in India. Most temples here are covered in bright carvings of Hindu Gods. 

Mainly it is a tourist attraction city where you will find different cultural people. Most people come to live here for job purposes with family or alone. Since it’s a popular tourist spot in India, there are often flats for sale in Madurai for a living. 

People often come here to look for affordable flats to buy for living with family. People living here are mostly cooperative and friendly by nature. They often come forward to help you in every way. Therefore, it’s a beautiful city which is worth living in. 

What is the Cost of Living in Madurai?

Well, the cost of living in Madurai is moderate to justify living here with family or alone. If budget is not a matter for you, you can look for high-cost areas like K.K. Nagar, Annanagar, and Mahal. These areas of localities provide a well-to-do living for every family. For example, a 2BHK rented flat in Madurai will cost you around 12,000 monthly. 

On the other hand, if you look for a cost-effective flat for sale in Madurai, you need to consider the outskirts of Madurai where it will cost you around 7000 for a rented flat for living. 

How is Life in Madurai?

In a word, living in Madurai is bliss for many people. It’s a small town with less crowded people to hang around. Everything here can be reached within 3kms. Street food is very popular with lots of varieties in veg and non-veg. People here have a kind heart to connect with everybody. The city also witnessed the oldest surviving mall named Pudhu Mandapam. 


How is the Job Opportunity in Madurai?

Madurai has the highest literacy rate. It is one of the major factors where people end up setting up their own companies to recruit more people from here. Though it’s a cultural-based city, you will find Software Technology Parks of India for emerging entrepreneurs in Madurai. 

Presently, Madurai has become the industrial destination for many well-known companies like HCL, Honeywell, and other renowned MNCs. You can understand Madurai offers professionals and talents for the business to grow lavishly with high prospects. 

So, if you are planning to shift to Madurai, don’t think much. Just grab your bag and find a great job prospect in Madurai with a good living. 

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