How to Deal With Student’s Aggressive Behaviour

Students these days are under more pressure than adults and it is becoming almost impossible for them to control that stress level. Being mediocre and having pressure of earning good marks and 1st position our society has done enough atrocities on student’s mental status. These children are mere kids who just want to do good in their academics and want to study happily that it but today guardian, teachers and people from society have imposed study as burden on these kids and as a result when these children could not fulfil the expectations of people around, they get frustrated and yes it may sound little weird but when volcano or emotional distress outburst in children then it becomes nearly impossible to control them. They can go at their maximum extent to show their aggression and sometimes they cross their limits also by showing violent behaviour. It does not mean that they are harmful to others. This situation must be taken into concern because if this is happening that means the child is emotionally frustrated and is unable to express himself and this frustration is filling in his heart continuously. Here someone is needed with whom that child can share his feelings and lighten his heart. So, following measures can prevent such aggressive and violent behaviour in children which should be followed by teachers and parents as well:

  • First of all, teachers need to identify such behaviour in any student, because it is not easy to find out such behavioural traits in any student. This needs teachers to organise some activities where the patience level of students can be measured and by identifying such students whose patience level is not so good, sessions should be organised for such children in school, to teach how to stay calm and focus on solving the problems.
  • Sometimes when children are filled with various reasons such as bullying in school, getting less marks, problems remembering study material etc. and due to any reason a volcano of their emotional distress outbursts, then it is impossible to control them so teachers or parents need to let the child cool off then, let him vent. When the child becomes calm then hug him lovingly and gently ask the reason why he behaved violently and help him solve the situation instead of accusing him.
  • Parents and teachers have a very specific situation and that is to control their own anger over the temper tantrum of a child whether in school or at home because violence can never control violence especially in the matter of a child. It is found in research that when teachers or parents exhibit calm behaviour then kids cannot be violent or aggressive for long in front of them. So, if parents or teachers want children to be calm in anger, then they need to set an example themselves first.

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  • If a student has not completed his notes and does not get help to complete his notes in time then he gets frustrated and in many such situations he is unable control his negative feelings and aggressive expressions of emotions then it is responsibility of teacher to teach him how to keep his mind and heart under discipline and parents to teach him how to control his impulses; that is by words only instead of choosing violence. 
  • Teachers and parents should inspire and encourage such students to do something creative and innovative such as regarding their studies, make them attend live classes of such mentors whom the child assumes as role-model & who can give the right path to students. Due to attending such inspiring live classes students learn to control their emotions and be disciplined while asking questions or while teaching or mentor teaching.
  • Parents and teachers should avoid rough behaviour towards the child instead should try being empathetic and affectionate. Most of the times it is seen that teachers and parents think that being punitive towards children can make them under control whether in school or in home which is completely wrong method to deal with a child’s aggression, this will start mutiny in his mind and will make him uncontrollable because continuously facing such situation will make him used to it and then nothing will be able to control him.   
  • Regular chat and talk sessions with children are necessary, especially parents should do it on a regular basis. Sit beside the child and ask what he did the whole day in school, try to find out if there is something bothering him; if yes then help him tackle the situation and if not then praise him for being gentle in school.

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