How to Install Angular on Mac?

The open-source software of Angular is one of the web application development front-end frameworks which is based on TypeScript. It is brought to you by the Google Angular Team along with the guidance of a community of corporations as well as individuals. This document is a thorough step-to-step guide on how to install the Angular software on a computer operated by Mac operating system.


The prerequisites required to install Angular on Mac are pretty simple. First of all, you need to have a pc that is using the Mac Operating System. Prior to when you start, you need to get a user account that has got installation benefits and privileges along with permission for free access to all websites that are mentioned.

In order to install, you should prepare 10GB of free space in your Mac. The macOS should be 10 and RAM should be a minimum of 4GB capacity. You also need to install Node.js and NPM in order to install angular on your Mac.

The open-source run-time environment of Node.js is a JavaScript cross-platform that operates with JS code exclusive of a browser. The Node.js software lets the developers operate JavaScript to develop an extensively vivid variety of command-line tools, applications of networks, web applications, web apps, etc. You also require Node.js for dev tooling which is basically a local web server that offers reloading features live and also in an experience like dev experience, you need not have to get Node.js running the program of production.

The node package manager, NPM for short, is a tool of dependency management that is used for applications in JavaScript. This specific tool will aid to install the various libraries and other tools to provide support in angular development.

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The step-by-step procedure for successful installation of angular in your Mac is described below-

  • Go to the download page of Node.js.
  • Click on the icon that says macOS Installer to initiate the download of the latest version of the node installable package. 
  • Install the package.
  • Click on the download package, similarly as you did in the earlier step to initiate the installation which brings up the below screen. Click on the icon saying continue.
  • When you click continue, you will be asked for a license, to which, click Continue.
  • Click Agree to accept the agreement.
  • Click on the Continue pop-up.
  • In the next step, Click install. The page will prompt you to ask for the credentials.
  • Add a username and a strong password and click on the icon saying Install Software.
  • After the software is successfully installed, you need to check the below screen which should show the installation summary.
  • Test the Installation by initiating the terminal and testing the node run command.


Angular CLI installation is needed in the next step in order to ease the set-up of a productive angular development environment which is required to configure tools like web pack, typescript, and various other angular dependencies which are complex for configuration. Angular CLI offers you a choice for a wide range of commands that aid in managing the angular development, testing, and also build process.

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