Carnival is just around the corner. Does the question “I don’t have a carnival costume, now what?” shoot through your mind because you waited a little too long to choose a costume, or because you decided last-minute to have carnival after all? Don’t panic. In this blog post you will find some easy carnival costume solutions, so you can still go hopping according to the dress code and with a cool costume. 

Easy carnival costume tip 1: DIY costumes  

Have you really waited until the very last moment and need to get your outfit ready within a few hours? Then all you have to do is get creative with items from your own closet (or that of your roommate, friend, brother or sister). And there are more possibilities there than have probably occurred to you.  

For example, use an umbrella and crepe paper to make a jellyfish costume, a cap, ball and dungarees to dress up as a Pokémon Trainer, or a striped shirt with white gloves to go as a mime, as a cowboy in cowboy costume (Dutch: cowboy kleding) or Indian costumes (Dutch: indianen kleding). 

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DIY duo costumes 

Going south with a friend and both of you are looking for easy carnival costumes? Even for duos and groups, there are plenty of great DIY costumes you can whip up last-minute. 

Easy carnival costume tip 2: Pimp an old garment

Are you celebrating carnival in Limburg or eastern North Brabant? In that case, the best and easiest solution is to pull a cheap or old garment out of your closet and pimp it up with colorful accessories. This is because this area is where the “Rhineland Carnival” is celebrated (descended from the Venetian carnival), which is all about bright colors and exuberant “pekskes”.  

Accessories & make up

When pimping an outfit, think about: glasses, wigs, feathers, hats, scarves, flowers and necklaces, and face paint. It’s almost impossible to go over the top here, so let yourself go wild and use all the colorful accessories you come across to complete your costume. Put scissors in here and there to create frays, sew a piece of fabric here and there on your garment and you’re good to go.

Makeup (or lavish makeup) and glitter also do well. For example, use makeup or face paint to draw patterns on your face and paint your nails in an eye-catching color. Hup, done, is done!

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Cliché carnival outfit

It used to be impossible to go crazy enough when it came to carnival costumes. For years, non-original carnival costumes were seen as cliché. Think of Hippies, clowns, pirates, soldiers and cowboys. Nevertheless, these carnival costumes are expected to be more popular again this year, so you don’t have to search endlessly for an original outfit.