Tips for Choosing the Best Mailer Box for Your E-business

Mailer boxes are one of the essential items in running e-businesses. They enable you to pack and safely transport the products to your customers and create brand awareness. And that’s not all; there many options for mailer boxes, each with unique pros and cons. So you’ll need to learn how to find the right one for your e-business.

Here’s how to choose the best mailer box for your e-business   

  1. Consider the visual impact

It’s essential to be cautious about the visual impact of your mailer boxes. Customers will decide whether to buy from your online store based on the visual impact. Your customers expect a great visual and unboxing experience.

You can use custom mailer boxes to create a unique and memorable experience for your clients. It will contain great colors consistent with your marketing materials and brand. Also, they allow you to market your brand and enhance brand awareness.

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  1. Put sustainability first

Many customers are conscious of the environmental impact of packaging materials. You can use recyclable or compostable materials or source a custom mailer box from a company that focuses on sustainability. The easier you make it for customers to recycle, the better the unboxing and purchase experience.

  1. Think about the size

Before you brand your mailer boxes, you need to decide on the correct size. The best mailer box size depends on the size and shape of your items. If you deal with a variety of products, have boxes of multiple sizes to fit the products. The right fit will minimize the shipping cost and prevent damages that result from items’ movement during transit.

You can measure your product’s height, width, depth and width. Then add an extra inch to make room for padding around the product. Also, consider the shape of the mailer boxes. Ensure the styles are consistent with your product’s shape to allow perfect fits during packaging. The correct shape will avoid wastage and protects the product from distortion.

  1. Consider the strength of the boxes

Size is not all that matters in mailer boxers. Their strength is also a critical consideration depending on the weight of your items. Various materials have varying strength and stability, and you’ll need to know the maximum weight they can carry before shipping your items. A strong mailer box will guarantee the product’s safety by preventing breakages during delivery.

Also, ensure the material is durable and weather resistant. Ensure the lid is secure to ensure it doesn’t come off when shipping, and the bottom has a lip to prevent the item from falling out.


  1. Cost of the mailer boxes

You’ll find various sellers of mailer boxes in the market, and the prices will vary depending on size, materials and other factors. The secret is buying the right boxes that are within your budget. But don’t let price be your consideration; instead, check the quality of the mailer box and the price. Remember, customers will appreciate your effort in packaging.


Mailer boxes are an ideal way to package and transport your items. They create an immediate and lasting impression on your customer and build a positive business image. However, if you choose the wrong mailer boxes, your customers will have a horrible unboxing experience. But that will only happen if you don’t apply the above tips.