Tesamorelin and Alzheimer’s Disease- The connection

GHRH analogs such as Sermorelin, GRF (1-29), and CJC-1295, all have the same effects as Tesamorelin. Trans-3-hexanoic acid is added to Tesamorelin to enhance its plasma stability and, as a result, its half-life. Tesamorelin peptide for sale, like CJC-1295, has a longer half-life but retains the physiological activity of GHRH, making it less toxic than related compounds that block regular GH release.

Lypodystrophy and Tesamorelin

HIV-associated lipodystrophy, which may develop due to infection or as a side effect of antiretroviral therapy, is one of the most common conditions for which Tesamorelin is prescribed. Both the abdomen area and other parts of the body are affected by lipodystrophy. Protease inhibitors, which are widely prescribed, are considered to have a significant role in the etiology of lipodystrophy. However, the exact mechanism is unknown.

Subjects with lipodystrophy were initially treated with diet, exercise, and a few unsuccessful medicines. Surgery was a final resort if none of the other options worked, but it was also the most ineffective and time-consuming. The FDA licensed Tesamorelin in 2010 to treat HIV-related lipodystrophy. In this group, the medication has been shown to lower body fat by approximately 20%. According to studies, Tesamorelin seems to be four times more effective than all other treatments combined in reducing body fat.

Tesamorelin is being studied as a possible treatment for heart disease.

Subjects with HIV risk developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) because of aberrant fat deposition and antiretroviral medicines. After HAART, preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD) in HIV-positive subjects is regarded as the most critical medical intervention for long-term well-being. Statins had been the primary medical care tool for this group until recently.

Lipodystrophy is characterized by a buildup of ectopic fat, often accompanied by inflammation. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is exacerbated by inflammation of any type. Fat accumulation in the abdomen, liver, and chest is all linked to an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease. Tesamorelin reduces inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk directly by lowering ectopic fat deposition.

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HIV Virus and Growth Hormone Deficiency

HAART has been linked to various endocrine and metabolic issues, including growth hormone (GH) insufficiency. According to the latest research, one-third of HIV subjects on HAART had GH shortages because of pituitary gland abnormalities. This may help explain why HIV-associated lipodystrophy is so widespread and why Tesamorelin is such a successful therapy for the condition. The administration of exogenous GH, especially in HIV-positive subjects, is more dangerous and less successful than using Tesamorelin.

Peripheral Nerve Damage: Tesamorelin

There are several causes of peripheral nerve degeneration, including injury, diabetes, and even surgical procedures. Due to the complicated nature of regenerating nerve cells in this kind of injury, nothing can be done to alleviate the symptoms of this condition. A new study reveals that growth hormone therapy may aid in the repair of peripheral nerve injuries and boost the pace of recovery. Because the FDA has previously approved Tesamorelin, it is now the top contender for such an intervention.

Tesamorelin studied for Alzheimer’s disease.

Subjects in the early stages of dementia may benefit from GHRH analogs like Tesamorelin, which have been shown to improve cognition. Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine conducted a twenty-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled research to see whether Tesamorelin and other GHRH analogs may affect dementia by increasing brain GABA levels and reducing Myo-inositol (MI) levels. Tesamorelin may now be used to treat dementia, but these results also point to new directions for research in the search for a cure or prevention.

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