Wardrobe Staples That Sell Well for Any Clothing Brand

Launching  a clothing brand can be an exciting and lucrative business endeavor.

One great clothing business to launch is selling staples that people wear every day. After all, potential customers are regularly searching for more garments that they’ll frequently wear, as well as can be mixed and matched with other items in their wardrobes.

So, where do you begin?

Knowing the versatile clothing staples that sell well for any clothing brand is one of the easiest ways to set your brand up for success. You won’t have to worry about these items going out of style anytime soon, making them perfect to start selling in your clothing store.

1. Classic T-shirts

A classic t-shirt is one of the best closet staples. Everyone has them. Everyone needs them. Yet, people are always in the market for more.

You can sell soft 100% cotton t-shirts, or opt for those with added structure and warmth, made from a blend of cotton and polyester (among other materials).

Plus, classic t-shirts are some of the easiest to customize with embroidery and print designs. Whether you want to sell them plain, or take them to the next level with your own custom designs, classic t-shirts are a staple that never goes out of style!

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2. Crewneck Sweatshirts

Crewneck sweatshirts are one of those favored staples. They can be paired with matching sweatpants, leggings, jeans, and even a casual trouser — making them perfect for everything from lounging at home, to having an afternoon meeting.

Bulk crewneck sweatshirts from Bella + Canvas come in a wide array of colors, so you can find styles precisely suited to your branding.

Plus, they’re ideal for layering in the winter. Many crewneck sweatshirts are made with a cozy fleece that your customers will be eager to buy because of their warm.

3. Pullover Hoodies

Another timeless staple that is slightly more casual, yet just as comfortable an alternative to crewneck sweatshirts, are pullover hoodies.

They’re ideal for running errands, relaxing at home, or layering during the summer when the nights get cool. Like crewnecks, pullover hoodies are great year-round for pairing with coordinating bottoms — whether it’s a straight sweatpant in cool months, or shorts in the warmer months.

Whether your brand is more casual, streetwear-inspired, or chic, hoodies are just right for any and every brand.

4. Joggers

Over the past few years – especially since working from home during the pandemic – joggers and sweatpants quickly became a closet must-have for many people. And as loungewear has become a blended part of many people’s wardrobes, they’re not likely to be going away anytime soon.

Joggers are a more tailored than wider-leg fits, and are what many people prefer. This makes them the premier more fitted, yet still comfortable apparel item to add to your customers’ closets. Their movability allows them to go just about everywhere, including the gym, running errands, or lounging at home reading a book or watching TV.

They’re also available in a wide range of materials, from French terry to fleece, and more.

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5. Straight-leg Sweatpants

Straight-leg sweatpants are an incredibly flattering silhouette on just about every body type, and are desired by all genders.

The unisex cut of many straight-leg sweatpants gives them that sleek, casual silhouette that so many fashion lovers seek. Whether paired with a matching sweatshirt, or worn with any sweater or top that your clients already have at home, straight-leg sweatpants are a loungewear staple in many people’s closets.

6. Sweat Shorts

Sweat shorts are just as cozy as fleece sweatpants, yet provide more breathability. This makes them excellent for warmer months, and for those who like wearing a little less when hanging out at home.

Invest in them in matching colors to coordinate flawlessly with your store’s pullovers, crewnecks, and other styles. Or, sell them in colors that suit your branding for consumers to style with whatever they already have in their closets.

Paired with a matching sweatshirt or any t-shirt, sweat shorts are an essential clothing piece that every shopper should have for that pulled-together, yet laid-back outfit. 

7. Full-Zip Hoodies

Full-zip hoodies provide the same comfort and casual feel as a pullover, yet give the wearer more of an opportunity to express their personal style.

Whether worn unzipped to show off a graphic t-shirt underneath, or zipped up for a more minimal look, full-zip hoodies compliment personal fashion sense. Many people prefer the ease the zipper gives for taking the hoodie on and off, making them the perfect offering alongside pullovers.

They’re also great for layering and pairing with a variety of outfits, and can be easily slipped on and off. 

8. Leggings

Leggings have been popular in fashion for decades. No longer strictly for the gym, they are seen as suitable pants for everything from casual coffee meet-ups to nights out with friends.

And now, leggings have even become popular with all genders.

This is one closet staple of which every brand can take advantage. Whether you decide to sell black cotton leggings, a wider range of colors, or experiment with different fabrics, there’s no shortage of how leggings can fit into your brand’s product offerings.

9. Long Sleeve T-shirts

Like short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts are options that people look for to add to their wardrobe. They’re great for layering with sweatshirts in the winter. They are also beyond compare for wearing in the summer, when air conditioners make indoor temperatures uncomfortably chilly. 

Classic 100% cotton t-shirts are cherished for their comfort, breathability, and softness, while other fabric blends help give more structure and insulate heat. No matter the material you choose, long sleeve t-shirts are ideal for adding to your brand’s collections.

Choosing the Best Staples for Your Brand

When searching for bulk wholesale staples to add to your brand’s product offerings, search for a supplier that focuses on quality and has a wide range of color, style, and size options. This will ensure that you can find apparel that’s appropriate for your personal branding, target market, and sales success.