What Are Some of the Most Popular Forms of Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrencies seem to be a popular topic of conversation across the entire technological world as they continue to grow in popularity and, with that, we continue to get access to a huge range of different forms of crypto as well. A cryptocurrency is essentially a form of digital or virtual currency that comes in the form of tokens or coins. They exist online and are not subject to the regulation of any official government bodies. The privacy and speed of transactions that come with this decentralization mean that a lot of people prefer to use them. It also means that a lot of different versions of crypto have been created. Throughout this article, we are going to talk about these different versions of crypto in more detail. 


Bitcoin is considered by many people as one of the first forms of decentralized crypto that used blockchain technology. It was originally made in 2008 by a coder (or group of coders) acting under the name Satoshi Nakatomo. It was made popular by a few different people with a lot of influence. For instance, Elon Musk has had a lot of say over the value of cryptocurrency, as after a few tweets, he has been seen to influence whether it decreases or increases in value. People with an interest in Bitcoin tend to subscribe to informative websites, such as okx.com, which outlines in helpful detail the current value of Bitcoin and whether this is an increase or decrease in value. 


The second most popular form of crypto is Ethereum (otherwise known as ETH). This is a decentralized software platform that has smart contracts enabled on it, meaning that decentralized apps can run without any kind of interference from a third party. The goal of ETH is to create a decentralised suite of financial products that anyone from around the world is going to be able to access, regardless of where they are based, their nationality and their faith. It’s this aspect that means that a lot of people in other countries can access the likes of loans, insurance, and bank accounts without any kind of infrastructure from the state. 

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Dogecoin (which is also known as DOGE) acts as a clear representation of the power of trends. Following a post on TikTok, a lot of people bought into DOGE, which made it so that the value went up and people could sell their coins at much more profit. The coin appealed to a lot of internet users thanks to the mascot dog that was a meme years earlier. The coin also got the backing of a lot of famous entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. 


There are many different forms of cryptocurrency out there and the value of these currencies goes up and down depending on the market. Some of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency are those that have been listed above, but new cryptocurrencies are coming to the forefront regularly.

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