What Is MTS In Post Office?

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The postal service stands as a cornerstone of communication and logistics, connecting people across distances for centuries. Within the multifaceted structure of a post office, various roles contribute to its smooth functioning. One such essential role is that of the Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS). In this blog post, we’ll delve into the significance of MTS in the post office, understanding their responsibilities and the crucial role they play in the efficient operation of postal services.

What Is MTS In Post Office?

Multi-Tasking Staff, abbreviated as MTS, is a pivotal part of the workforce within a post office. Their responsibilities encompass a diverse range of tasks, ensuring the seamless functioning of various postal operations. MTS personnel are the backbone of the post office, contributing significantly to its day-to-day operations.

Roles And Responsibilities Of MTS In The Post Office:

  • Handling Mail Sorting and Delivery: MTS individuals are often involved in the sorting and delivery of mail and parcels. They organize incoming and outgoing mail, ensuring that it reaches the right destinations accurately and efficiently.
  • Customer Service: MTS staff members play a crucial role in providing customer service at the post office. They assist customers with inquiries, guide them through postal procedures, and help resolve any issues or concerns they may have.
  • Maintenance and Clerical Tasks: Apart from mail handling, MTS personnel also undertake various administrative and maintenance tasks within the post office. This includes office upkeep, record-keeping, filing, and other clerical duties necessary for the smooth functioning of operations.
  • Assistance in Various Departments: Depending on the needs and size of the post office, MTS individuals may be required to assist in different departments, supporting the overall functioning of the facility. This flexibility showcases their adaptability and diverse skill set.

Importance Of MTS In The Post Office:

The significance of MTS personnel cannot be overstated in the postal ecosystem. They form an integral part of the workforce that ensures the timely and accurate delivery of mail and packages. Their roles span across multiple essential functions, contributing directly to the efficiency and effectiveness of postal services.

MTS staff members often operate behind the scenes, diligently performing their duties to maintain the smooth flow of postal operations. Their efforts are fundamental in upholding the reputation and reliability of the postal service, fostering positive experiences for customers.


In the vast network of a post office, the Multi-Tasking Staff holds a pivotal role. Their dedication, adaptability, and versatility in handling various responsibilities contribute significantly to the efficient functioning of postal services. From sorting mail to providing essential customer service, MTS personnel form an indispensable part of the postal workforce, ensuring that the wheels of communication and logistics continue to turn seamlessly.


What Is MTS In Post Office Salary?

The SSC MTS monthly salary is Rs. 18,000 for the basic pay, and the gross salary varies between Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 22,000 based on the city of posting and other factors.

What Is The Duty Of MTS In Post Office?

Delivering of Posts (Dak) (outside the building). Watch and ward duties. Opening and closing of offices. Cleaning of the building, fixtures, etc.

What Is MTS Post Job?

Candidates selected for SSC MTS posts generally assist higher officials within their department by handling tasks such as courier delivery, assisting in routine office work such as a diary, dispatch, etc., including on computers, carrying of files and other papers within the department and so on.

Is MTS A Government Job?

SSC MTS is a non-gazetted general Central Government Group C service with grade pay of Rs. 1800 and pay band 1 (5200-20200).

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