What Is PNB mPassbook Customer ID?

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In an increasingly digital landscape, banking institutions continually evolve to provide customers with convenient and efficient services. Punjab National Bank (PNB), a stalwart in the banking sector, introduces the mPassbook—a digital rendition of the traditional passbook that allows customers to access their account details on-the-go. Central to this digital experience is the PNB mPassbook Customer ID, an integral element that unlocks a world of banking insights at your fingertips.

What Is PNB mPassbook Customer ID?

The PNB mPassbook Customer ID serves as a unique identifier tied to an individual customer’s account. It acts as a passport to access the digital passbook, offering a consolidated view of one’s account transactions, balances, and other pertinent details in real-time through the bank’s mobile application or internet banking portal.

Unveiling Its Significance

  • Seamless Access: The Customer ID streamlines the accessibility to account information, eliminating the need for physical passbooks or visiting a branch for updates.
  • Real-Time Updates: Through this ID, customers gain instant access to their transaction history, ensuring they stay informed about their finances at all times.
  • Security Measures: The Customer ID is a secure identifier, ensuring that only authorized users can access account information, enhancing the overall security of digital banking.

How To Locate Your PNB mPassbook Customer ID?

  • Mobile Banking App: Upon logging into the PNB mobile banking app, navigate to the mPassbook section, where the Customer ID is typically displayed.
  • Internet Banking Portal: Customers can also find their Customer ID by logging into their PNB internet banking account. The ID is often located in the profile or account information section.
  • Bank Statement or Passbook: In some cases, the Customer ID might be available on physical bank statements or passbooks issued by PNB.

Embracing The Digital Banking Experience

The shift towards digital banking, epitomized by initiatives like the mPassbook, underscores the convenience and efficiency offered to modern-day customers. With the PNB mPassbook Customer ID, individuals can effortlessly track their financial transactions, monitor balances, and stay updated on their account status—all within a few taps on their mobile devices or computers.


In the era of digital transformation, the PNB mPassbook Customer ID stands as a testament to the evolution of banking services. It serves not only as a unique identifier but also as a gateway to a seamless and accessible banking experience. By leveraging technology to empower customers with real-time information and control over their finances, Punjab National Bank continues to pave the way for a more connected and convenient banking landscape.


Is PNB Customer ID The Same As User ID?

Default User id is your Customer ID mentioned on front page of your Passbook. You can change the default user id. Click on Update User ID to set your desired User id.

How Do I Activate My PNB mPassbook?

Here are the steps that can be followed for mPassbook PNB login:

  • Download the mPassbook application of PNB.
  • Activate the mPassbook by entering your PNB-registered mobile number and customer ID.
  • Create an MPIN for security and login purposes.
  • Log in to the mPassbook application using the MPIN.

What Is Customer ID In Passbook App?

What is Cust ID and where do I get my Cust ID? Cust ID (Customer ID) is a unique 9 digit number allotted to every customer of the bank. You can view your Cust ID on the first page of your physical passbook or contact your branch. 12.

What Is User ID In Cent M Passbook?

For registration, enter the user id (i.e. the CIF of the Customer) and registered mobile number.

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