A complete explanation about bearbricks

Medicom toy, a Japanese business started by tatsuhiko Akashi, produced bearbrick. Their first design was an anthropomorphic figurine called Kubrick, which was named after the renowned director StanleyKubrick.

Actually, the first bearbrick was presented at the world character convention in Tokyo in 2001. Hundreds of toys to be given as gifts to participants were sought by the organizer.

The company made the decision to add a bear head to the Kubrick statue after getting inspiration from the teddy bear, which at the time was commemorating its 100th birthday.

The figurine was 70 mm, which ultimately became the usual size for the bearbrick, in addition to the imprinted bearbrick insignia.

If you’re new to the scene, you should know that the bearbrick comes in a variety of sizes, including 50% (35mm), which is typically issued for keychains, 70% (50mm), 100% (70mm), 200% (145 mm), 400% (280 mm), and 1000%. (700mm). Collectors, however, typically favor the 400% (280mm) and 1000% (700mm) sizes more.

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What justifies bearbrick’s high price?

Bearbrick, with its high price tag, is seen as more than just a vinyl figurine and is considered to be an expensive piece of art. In addition to being unique, each figure is individually created by artisans, increasing the value of this classic object.

The bearbrick toy’s price is frequently higher than its initial worth due to its amazing design and restricted production. Due of their rarity and high cost, collaborative editions are significantly more expensive.

Winnie the pooh, the avengers, star wars, channel, Nike, x-large, Hermès, comme des garçons, bape, clot, levis, stüssy, yue minjun, takashi murakami, kaws, hebru brantley, daft punk, and sandaime j soul brothers are just a few of the exclusive editions that medicom toy has created in collaboration with various artists, musicians, cartoon characters, and fashion brands

Collectors treasure having one of these bearbrick vinyl bears because there are only a certain number of each edition available. In actuality, the yue minjun “qiu tu” bearbrick edition houses the costliest figure ever sold. The highly regarded statuette, which was released in 2008, sold for a startling gbp 126,000.

The most sought-after bearbrick patterns

There are additional rare collections besides yue minjun “qiu tu” bearbrick that are highly prized by collectors. They are absolutely worth every single penny if you want to really splurge on an investment.

Top of the list for collectors is the channel line created by the late karl Lagerfeld. Due to the fact that just 1,000 pieces were made in 2007, there are very few left. The channel store had the majority of the figures on display.

The channel x bearbrick was created with the brand’s iconic tweed suit and pearl necklace. A figure that was distributed in support of the HongKong blood cancer foundation reportedly sold at auction for more than $30,000.

The Swarovski x Colette bearbrick is one of the most exclusive collections, with a documented sale price of gbp 14,000 (us$16,000). The figurine is adorned with Swarovski crystals as part of the “white crystal Christmas” series and is offered in 40% and 100%.

Anything featuring mickey mouse is a collectible item, any collector will tell you. A 1000% size figurine is included with the readymade x mickey mouse bearbrick and sells for a high price. It is possible to dress it in a ghillie suit as part of the readymade cooperation, highlighting the brand’s initiative to repurpose military gear.

The royal Selangor bearbrick edition is unquestionably a must-have for local collectors. It offers a number of variations with beautiful designs, such as steampunk, arabesque, sorayama, and pewter. The figurine sold for more money, bringing around rm 13,000 in total.

For private collectors, a bape collection is prized, especially the readymade a bathing ape bearbrick version. The figurine was clothed in an actual bape hoodie, which sets the collection apart from other lines when it was first published in 2018. The collection had a market value of at least $20,000 in it.

Bearbricks are measured in percentages and come in various sizes

The bearbrick figure normally comes in three sizes: 100% (70 mm), 400% (280 mm), and 1000%. It is based on a basic bear-shaped form and has nine components and five joints (700 mm). Perhaps you’ve also seen the 50% (35mm), which are typically keychains.

There is a company called “originalfake” in real life

We became interested after seeing several items in our investigation that were labelled “orginalfake” and checked with zhaoyong, the group brand director.

He made it clear that “the term “originalfake” refers to an actual brand created in 2006 as a label for collaborations with the us artist kaws (brian Donnelly), medicom toy, and nexus 7.

The company was established in order to fight fake kaws toys, however it was formally shut down in 2013 after operating for 7 years.”

He provides the following advice to individuals thinking about obtaining a bearbrick: “always checking the source of your purchases is the best and only foolproof way to guarantee that you are getting an original bearbrick. The only authorized partner for medicom toy in the area is actioncity.

As a result, every bearbrick item you buy from us is guaranteed to be authentic and not a replica. In fact, several market resellers display their actioncity purchase receipts to demonstrate the legitimacy of the bearbricks they own.”

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